ESPN Apologizes for Brent Musburger’s Comments About Player’s Girlfriend

Jan 9, 2013  •  Post A Comment

ESPN has apologized for comments from commentator Brent Musburger about the girlfriend of Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron, according to The Hollywood Reporter’s Live Feed.

As previously reported, Musburger, 73, made his comments after the camera spotted McCarron’s girlfriend, Katherine Webb, in the stands during the BCS Championship Game. Musburger said, "You quarterbacks, you get all the good-looking women," and urged kids in Alabama to start playing football.

His comments drew a flood of responses on Twitter, including complaints that Musburger was objectifying Webb. Some commenters called Musburger — and ESPN — "creepy" and inappropriate.

"We always try to capture interesting storylines and the relationship between an Auburn grad who is Miss Alabama and the current Alabama quarterback certainly met that test," the network said. "However, we apologize that the commentary in this instance went too far and Brent understands that.”

After the incident, Webb’s Twitter followers skyrocketed. As of Wednesday morning, she had more than 210,000 followers.


  1. I’m ashamed ESPN would feel they need to apologize. Katherine Webb wasn’t offended. If she had been, the apology would have been appropriate. She wasn’t, she took it in stride. Brent M. was trying to fill air-time in a first quarter blowout. One thing Americans have become very good at is “being offended.’

  2. Bill is absolutely correct. I heard what Brent said and it was a compliment.

  3. What are they apologizing for? It sounded like a very nice compliment to me and very flattering for the girlfriend. ??

  4. I worked directly with Brent at CBS Sports across The NFL Today, several Super Bowls and NBA broadcasts.
    All in all, both working and socially, I can speak to his character and say, without hesitation, he’s a fine, good and respectful man.
    OK, maybe a tad over-the-top the other night over Ms. Webb’s appearance, as the game lingered on in a one way drive, he never stepped close to, much less, over-the-line.
    No apology is asked for by Ms. Webb, nor do I feel one is required.
    Let’s all take a breath of fresh air and get back to work.
    Peter Bright

  5. Jeez, guys, it’s 2013, not 1983. Have you never even heard of objectification? It’s immoral and causes most people to wince. I hope you’re not raising your sons and grandsons to be lecherous, even if Musburger exhibited a fairly mild form of leering. As Peter Bright admits, it was over the line, even a tad, and that’s all that matters, not how far over the line, as we know from football.

  6. I am in agreement with the “apologize for what?” crowd. Yes she was “objectified” to some degree but keep in mind that this ex beauty queen and current model who has made a short career out of being objectified. It’s called getting noticed and getting work. Just like her, I’m over it before it started.

  7. ITs o.k. to be gay ,but you cant give a beautiful woman a compliment ? crap like this is whats wrong with our country!!!

  8. First chick I’ve ever heard named Doug…

  9. First of all, Mr. Bright admitted no such thing; re-read his comment.
    Second of all, give us a break. Complaining about “objectifying” a beauty pageant winner is about the dumbest thing I have seen posted on here. Congratulations!

  10. I guess that means ESPN will stop focusing on the cheerleaders when coming back from commercials?

  11. She’s a beauty queen, she’s objectified constantly. It’s par for the course for her. Regardless,what Brent Musberger did was not objectification. Webb is a beautiful woman.
    Speaking as a woman, I don’t find his comments offensive. What I do find is a bunch of overly thin skins around ESPN. ESPN, of all places? O rly?

  12. R U kidding me? Apologize for what? That kind of exposure is the best thing that’s ever happened to her. She’ll now be on all the morning talk shows, soon will doing commercials and probably some acting gigs. She’ll owe her new career to Brent for putting her on the map. ESPN, your nuts!

  13. I thought Musburger’s comments were a bit creepy, coming from a man as old as he is. And they seemed to go on and on and on…
    Reminds me of an interview that Musburger had with T. Boone Pickens, the billionaire, at an Oklahoma State football game. He gushed over Pickens so much, you would have thought he was hoping for a loan!

  14. ESPN leadership are idiots. That’s all I can imagine.
    And for everyone who thinks it weird that an older dude can still recognize a pretty girl…..
    You’re either a fat witch or a guy with no …….

  15. Only on ESPN can you see this kind of crap.

  16. I think Brent Musburger’s comments were made for good reason, but it seems that free speech was censored and now he pays for the remark made.

  17. So a big case for a remark still talk about it …
    Anyway I think I deserve, I joke was that bad.

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