Larry King Sounds Off About Piers Morgan, His CNN Replacement — and He’s Not Exactly a Fan

Jan 11, 2013  •  Post A Comment

After two years of watching Piers Morgan’s talk show, which took over "Larry King Live’s" time slot on CNN, King has a few things to say about how Morgan is doing.

King was asked about Morgan by The Huffington Post after Morgan stepped into a controversy over gun control — including a verbal skirmish on the air with gun rights activist Alex Jones.

Said King: "I never gave opinions. Piers gives his opinions. The show is a lot about him as much as the guests. … He’s so different from me."

King sounded a tad disapproving of Morgan’s style when he told the publication: "A lot of shows, they make it about the host and the guest becomes a prop to the host and I never liked that. … It’s not the quality that counts anymore. It’s how loud did you yell, how vituperative can you be."

King added that he likes Morgan personally, and that he wishes the best for CNN, his former employer. He has suggested in the past that CNN may have "oversold" Morgan to viewers.


  1. Whether you agreed with his guests or not, Larry King was always a classy guy. CNN needs to get back to having a classy interviewer that doesn’t interject his own views into his interviews.

  2. I agree. A “host” receives and entertains his or her guests, ensuring their comfort, not preening himself. While Morgan has the right to his opinion, he should be careful criticizing the country in which he’s making a very good living. I’m not sure what measures would ensure guns do not get into the hands of criminals and crazies and still protect the rights of those who use guns responsibly. But unless Piers has something constructive to say, he should quit antagonizing everyone and shut up.

  3. I see.
    So you believe that the Second Amendment somehow supersedes the First.
    Got it.

  4. So, you think the Amendments of our Constitution apply to the entire world? Wow, how egotistical. At this time I don’t believe Piers Morgan has applied for US citizenship. I’m talking about showing courtesy and respect in criticizing a country of which you are not a citizen.

  5. It’s the Second Amendment that was put in to protect us FROM a government that would keep us from the rights that the Constitution and the other Amendments give us. There is only one form of gun control that should be enacted and never will. Keep guns out of the hands of the mentally or morally challenged. Anyone else can do what they want. Using guns for food or entertainment on shooting ranges are just pluses of gun ownership. We should teach everyone in this country how to fire a gun and gun safety. Countries that have done this have very low crime as the criminals know everyone is capable of returning fire. It’s the countries (as well as cities and states) with the highest gun control that have the most problems.

  6. Piers Morgan was found by the Press Complaints Commission to have breached the Code of Conduct on financial journalism.

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