New Coroner’s Report Indicates Natalie Wood May Have Been Attacked Before She Drowned

Jan 14, 2013  •  Post A Comment

A new coroner’s report examining the 1981 drowning death of screen legend Natalie Wood suggests that the actress may have been attacked before she went into the water, according to a report by CBS News Senior Correspondent John Miller.

Miller talked about the coroner’s report today on “CBS This Morning,” indicating that the new report may give impetus to opening a homicide investigation.

Said Miller: “This is the old autopsy with a supplemental report written on the bottom where the current medical examiner, the coroner of L.A. County, basically takes — calls into question every finding about the injuries or the conclusion that it’s an accident.”

Miller added: “When you take the circumstances as we’ve now come to learn them, Natalie Wood was, you know, in her nightgown in bed, she supposedly goes out to retie this dinghy. She can’t swim. She’s afraid of the dark. She’s afraid of the water. It sounds very unlikely she would have done that, especially when the captain — the skipper was there and he was awake, and she could have told him to do that.”

The report, Miller said, re-examines Wood’s injuries, focusing on “the location, the position, the shape and size of the bruises — the fact that they are arguably more consistent with either being restrained during a struggle or defensive wounds than they are with trying to climb back onto a dinghy that you were hanging on to through the night.”

Click here to read the press release from CBS, including a transcript of Miller’s comments on “CBS This Morning."

Here’s a video clip of the report:

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