Why Fox Is Taking a New Approach to Promoting an Upcoming Drama Series

Jan 21, 2013  •  Post A Comment

In a pioneering effort to reach viewers, Fox Television is promoting the new Kevin Bacon drama, "The Following," by urging viewers to set their DVRs to record the program, reports Deadline.com.

Instead of tune-in ads, Fox has turned to billboards and other advertising that encourages DVR viewership. One reason for the strategy is the nature of the drama. "The Following" is serialized and the storytelling needs to build a loyal audience that will want to continue week after week to keep up with the tale.

"Encouraging DVR viewing is two-edged sword as it gives the networks extra audiences most of which they can’t monetize since a large portion of viewers who time-shift shows skip some or most commercials when watching,” Deadline reports. “But with people’s viewing preferences for this season already firmly established, Fox opted for the unusual campaign to help its new show get on viewers’ season passes as a way to bring in regular audiences to it."

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