Chubby Checker Sues Hewlett-Packard Over Its ‘Chubby Checker’ App … and This Story Is Every Bit as Risque as You Might Think

Feb 14, 2013  •  Post A Comment

Rock ‘n’ roll pioneer Chubby Checker is suing tech firm Hewlett-Packard over a smartphone app called “The Chubby Checker,” which reportedly estimates a man’s penis size based on his shoe size, according to LegalExaminer.com.

The man whose name, up until now, was synonymous with the 1960 megahit “The Twist,” is apparently unhappy about this new use of his name. Checker filed a suit against HP and its Palm subsidiary seeking compensation for the use and defamation of the name, the piece reports.

“According to the suit, the name ‘Chubby Checker’ is likely to associate the music legend’s image with obscene, sexual connotation and images,” the article reports. “The lawsuit also claims that it misleads the public into believing that Chubby Checker has endorsed the app.”

The piece adds: “You might be thinking … Does Chubby have small feet? Performance anxiety? Is he looking for publicity? Some may think that this is a frivolous lawsuit, and perhaps it is. But we are talking about a music legend that has spent over 50 years building his name and image. While the app may prevent the disappointment of women who seek to ‘size up a man,’ Chubby Checker, the man, may be more concerned about his good name being associated with such a product.”

Willie Gary, an attorney for Checker, indicated there’s nothing frivolous about the suit. “This lawsuit is about preserving the integrity and legacy of a man who spent years working hard at his musical craft and has earned the position of one of the greatest musical entertainers of all time,” he said.

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  1. Yeah, this sucks for the musician. What marketing wizard at Hewlett Packard didn’t see this problem happening? Idiots!

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