Fox News Cuts Ties With Political Strategist

Feb 6, 2013  •  Post A Comment

Fox News has severed ties with a contributor who has a long track record as a political consultant and strategist. TVNewser.com reports that the cable channel has ended its relationship with Dick Morris.

Fox News declined to renew his contract when it expired, the piece reports.

Morris has been absent from Fox News since the week after the presidential election. He became a focal point of mockery because of his "woefully inaccurate predictions" during the presidential campaign, the piece notes. Morris predicted a landslide win for Mitt Romney.

Morris is generally identified as a Republican strategist and consultant, but he was a friend and adviser to Bill Clinton during Clinton’s years as governor of Arkansas, and later became a political adviser to the Clinton White House. He spent some time as the campaign manager for Clinton’s successful re-election bid in 1996, leaving the campaign amid a scandal in which it was reported that Morris allowed a prostitute to listen in on his conversations with Clinton.

More recently, Morris has become a harsh critic of both Bill and Hillary Clinton, and he has been a regular contributor on Fox News programs including “The O’Reilly Factor.”


  1. Morris has no credibility with either party and with few viewers. He will be lucky to keep a blog running.

  2. They have let the air out of another windbag. I believe Roger Ailes has fionally learned that he CAN’T fool all of the people all of the time.

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