Glenn Beck Wants a Piece of the Fox News Pie

Feb 26, 2013  •  Post A Comment

Conservative pundit Glenn Beck is making a push that will place his media company, TheBlaze, in more direct competition with his former employer, Fox News Channel, reports TVNewser.com.

Beck has launched a campaign called GetTheBlaze, which urges fans to call their pay-TV operator and request that they add TheBlaze to their network lineup.

"It is also a shot cross the bow of Fox News, which has long been the only place on TV to find conservative pundits hosting TV programs,” the story reports. “While Beck’s company has a long way to go, it is trying to take market-share from the network that helped fuel his rise.”

The piece notes that Beck’s push comes at a time when cable operators are looking for ways to reduce the number of channels they carry to trim costs.

The report adds: “TheBlaze is banking on the (remarkably) stable and lucrative cable subscription business to provide a revenue boost. While TheBlaze has about as successful a model that as ever existed in the web-TV world, traditional channels still generate a ton of revenue through the traditional pipeline.”


  1. The piece erroneously states that Fox News is the only place for conservative pundits to host TV shows. One slight correction; it’s where idiots pretend to be conservative talk show hosts. I know it was an oversight but please don’t insult true conservatives that way.

  2. I wouldn’t say they’re idiots, more like many Fox News hosts are merely pseudo-conservatives.

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