Shirley MacLaine Fires Back at Her Daughter’s Tell-All Book

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The daughter of “Downton Abbey” actress and Oscar winner Shirley MacLaine didn’t exactly endear herself to her famous mom with her new book. The Toronto Sun reports that Sachi Parker’s new memoir, “Lucky Me: My Life With — and Without — My Mom, Shirley MacLaine,” earned an angry response from the 78-year-old screen legend.

MacLaine, a six-time Oscar nominee, said the book is “dishonest” and “virtually all fiction,” according to the piece.

Parker describes MacLaine as an absentee mother who used tough-love parenting methods and had delusions about aliens, the story reports.

The piece reports that Parker, who is an actress herself, “knew the project would only make their relationship more strained, but she felt compelled to tell her story, saying, ‘I did everything I could to bring Mom into my life. The Hollywood ending never happened. Now that I’ve written this book, it probably never will.’”

MacLaine has accused her daughter of making sensational claims to get publicity. She said in a statement to People magazine: “I’m sorry to see such a dishonest, opportunistic effort from my daughter for whom I’ve only ever wanted the best,” and, “(It’s) virtually all fiction.”

MacLaine won an Oscar in 1984 for “Terms of Endearment” after being nominated four previous times for leading actress and once for a 1975 documentary she wrote and directed, “The Other Half of the Sky: A China Memoir.”


Shirley MacLaine and Sachi Parker


  1. Sachi Parker wrote a no-holds bared expose of the life of a rich, spolied, flightly and delisional Hollywood actress who also happens to be her mother. Sadly, tales like these seem to be the norm in Hollywood. For decades, it was “business as usual” for Hollywood parents to use their kids for publicity & their own amusement; then packing them off to boarding or military school when their “cuteness” wore off and theiy were no longer useful publicity tools. Witness the bizare treatment/abuse of her first two adopted children by Joan Crawford; the long-term neglect of her own kids by Judy Garland; Van Johnson’s ignoring his only child (a daughter) for years; and notorious Lana Turner’s pursuit of men, sex, and a roll in bed with various Hollywood leading men, over the proper care of her own daughter Cheryl (this is documented in Cheryl’s own book, “Detour” published about 1985). Hollywood parents = spoiled people.

  2. It must be uncomfortable to be exposed as a narcissist, too bad Shirl ! Should have been nicer to Sachi – this would not have happened.


  4. We all have things to complain about regarding our childhoods. I, too, have abandonment issues from my mom not being there for me emotionally. I do have to say, that every event in my life, positive or negative, has only served to make me a stronger, more powerful, more compassionate, wiser person. Every negative experience turned out to re-direct my life in a more positive direction. I also understand how therapeutic and cleansing it is to finally have your story heard, because that story is your truth, no matter how bizarre.

    Shirley MacLaine and I have lots in common. I, too, have had encounters with ETs, have enjoyed out of body experiences, have practiced meditation and yoga, have danced and sung on stage (as an amateur), have rubbed shoulders with celebrities, have traveled, etc. I am also very aware that I am on a Spiritual journey, as are we all. I have a universal view of life. At age 57, I am greatful just to wake up in the morning (after having had a number of very close calls with death) and I see each day as a gift. I see death as just a release from the physical body, life and conscious do continue afterwards. After growing up in an 8 person family, the only family member I could relate to was my father, and he is the first person I want to see when I cross over. He is the only person in this world that I have no doubt truly loved me. Like you, I did not get to spend very much time with him. I am grateful for what he taught me: to keep a sense of humor no matter what (even when facing death), and a sense of inner courage and inner strength. He used to tell me, “They can’t take your dreams.” Well, dad, I have gone on to accomplish all the goals I have so far set for myself. Thank you for the advice.

    I am adding this comment for a multiude of reasons. Sachi, do not feel like you are the only person who has experienced these sorts of things. You are not alone. I am glad that you have been able to enjoy being an actress. It is thrilling, challenging and enlightening. We all play various parts and exhibit sub-personalities throughtout our lives, so we all can share in that experience. Shirley, just pick up the phone, call your daughter, and tell her you are sorry, and that what you did at the time you thought you were doing for her own good, and that you truly do love her. That is all she really needs to hear. Don’t forget to say it from your heart. Thank you.

    I have been asked to write my auto-biography, but I am hesitant to do so. I feel people are not yet ready to hear what I have to say. I am very grateful to Shirley MacLaine for boldly blazing the trail and taking the heat so the rest of us who are aware of what is really going on in the world can now speak out. Thank you for that.

    I do hope the two of you can make peace before it is too late. Having peace in your heart is precious. Practicing appreciation of every little thing and practicing forgiveness of ourselves and other leads to feeling joyful and content, cleaner and clearer, lighter and brighter. I spent 6 months forgiving my mother after she passed on. It doesn’t happen in a day. I can say that it was well worth it and I can now finally feel close to her. Blessings to you all.

    Love and Light,

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