Soledad O’Brien, Exiting Her Anchor Job, Says Show Didn’t Get a ‘Ton of Support’ From CNN

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Soledad O’Brien, who is leaving her CNN anchor role on "Starting Point" but will work on documentaries in partnership with the cable network, said her show didn’t receive "a ton of support and didn’t get a ton of marketing and a ton of promotions," according to The Hollywood Reporter’s Live Feed.

O’Brien said that despite the limitations, the program was able to push stories forward during the 2012 election.

"We had a staff of people, we never were fully staffed, where we were able to — in spite of not getting a lot of support — really make our show relevant," she said. "To do that, that was pretty tremendous."

O’Brien noted one thing she won’t miss about the show: "I will not miss getting up that early — I cannot lie — not for a minute.”

Asked about the possibility of appearing on-camera for other networks, O’Brien said: "I certainly could. I have not specifically taken any questions about that. No one has asked me to do that. And right now I would love to get what I’m doing [her production company] under way. … It would really, again, depend on what the offer is. … Theoretically, absolutely."

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