Which Advertiser Made the Most of Its Super Bowl Spots? It’s Not Even Close

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One advertiser appears to have reached far more viewers with its Super Bowl commercials than the rest, based on Kantar Media Audiences commercial ratings. But that advertiser isn’t like the rest, either.

Based on the Kantar research, the advertiser that got its message out to the widest audience was CBS.

“In the biggest TV event of the year, the highest-rated commercial wasn’t even an ad — it was a promo,” Kantar announced. “Based on Kantar Media Audiences commercial ratings analysis for Sunday’s Super Bowl telecast on CBS, the network’s promo for ‘Person of Interest’ scored the highest rating, edging Samsung’s ad featuring celebrities in search of the ‘Next Big Thing.’”

CBS also ran more spots than anyone else — by a lot. “CBS ran 42 promotional spots during the Super Bowl, accounting for about 43% of the entire big game commercial inventory,” Kantar noted.

Among the traditional marketers, the automotive sector fared the best. “Automotive brands scored 6 of the top 10 rated ads (excluding promos) — with the Mercedes Benz leading the lot with 46.6, followed by Kia Trucks, Dodge, Lincoln, Kia and Bridgestone,” Kantar announced. “Tide’s Miracle Stain was the 4th highest spot, earning a 46.5, and Soda Stream completing the top 5 with a 46.3 rating.”

The top-performing spots ran during the two-minute warning near the end of the game.

“As with most Super Bowls, the audience tended to stay with the game and not change channels,” Kantar reports. “Even during the power outage, there was no discernible audience loss.”

Here are the top-rated spots, with airtime (ET), HH Rating (%) and length of the spot in seconds:

2013 Top-Rated Super Bowl Commercials

1. CBS-Person Of Interest/CBS: Person of Interest Promo
10:31:06 PM, 47.4, 20 seconds

2. Samsung Galaxy/Celebrities Argue Over Next Big Thing
10:29:06 PM, 47.2, 120

3. Mercedes Benz Autos/W. Dafoe & K. Upton: Soul
10:21:41 PM, 46.6, 60

4. Tide/Miracle Stain
10:13:54 PM, 46.5, 60

5. Soda Stream/Bubbles Set Free
10:14:54 PM, 46.3, 30

6. Kia Trucks/Space Babies
10:05:51 PM, 46.2, 60

7. CBS-Hawaii Five-O/CBS: Hawaii Five-O Promo
10:22:41 PM, 46.2, 20

8. CBS-Elementary/CBS: Elementary Promo
9:59:27 PM, 46.1, 20

9. CBS-Job/CBS: The Job Promo
10:23:01 PM, 46.1, 20

10. CBS Cares/PSA/Wounded Warrior Donation Solicitation
10:06:51 PM, 45.9, 20


  1. This is about the dumbest pretense for a story.

  2. So? How many people view an ad is not nearly as important as the results derived from the viewing. I watched the “Person of Interest” spot, but it didn’t stick in my mind and didn’t make me want to view it.
    On the other hand, there is the Go Daddy ad. I heard their business on Monday was INSANE!

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