Why ‘Today’ Co-Hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb Are Reportedly at Odds

Feb 15, 2013  •  Post A Comment

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, the co-hosts of the fourth hour of "Today," are at odds over which direction to take the show — literally, reports TMZ.com.

Gifford wants to move the show to Hollywood, as we reported earlier this week. But Kotb reportedly wants to remain in New York City, creating some tension between the two co-hosts.

“Sources connected to ‘Today’ tell TMZ … Kathie Lee has been lobbying to move the show for a long time, but Hoda has been adamant — she wants to stay in NYC,” the piece reports. “Our sources say Hoda felt the heat was off when Kathie Lee started doing her Broadway show … she thought Kathie Lee might get off the whole L.A. thing. But when the show wrapped in December, Kathie Lee immediately started pushing again for an L.A. move.”

Tension between the two surfaced when Kotb felt that Gifford snubbed her by failing to promote her book on-air, the piece adds, citing sources close to the show. One source noted: "Both women are really strong, so tension is almost inevitable.”

The report adds: “For now, they’ve reached a compromise … they would do the show for a few weeks here and there in L.A., but we’re told Kathie Lee is unbending — she wants to make the move.”

Citing sources connected to CAA, the agency that reps Kotb, the piece notes that Kotb is interested in complementing her “Today” work with additional projects — and that could ease the standoff by bringing her to L.A.


  1. You know… this doesn’t require the wisdom of Solomon to solve.
    Put one host on the east coast and the other on the west coast… an with the right techniques, both hosts could still appear to be on the same set together.

  2. Does anybody watch the fourth hour of Today? Maybe the focus should be on hours one and two rather than the part of the show that nobody watches.

  3. To be bluntantly honest, I my self enjoy the show when Kathy Lee isn’t on. She’s a snob, self centered person. My friend and I always watch when she’s not on. It’s so much more fun without her.

  4. I am so upset. I moved to Greenville South Carolina from Ohio and now I cannot watch my favorite Show Kathie Lee and Hoda on TV anymore. And they switch from one network to another. I’ll be watching The Today Show and then I don’t even switch the channel and another broadcast station is on Kelly and Ryan. I miss my Kathy Lee and Hoda. It’s not fair.

  5. I reluctantly watch the Kathie Lee & Hoda show not because I enjoy Kathie Lee but because I like Hoda.. Isn’t it time for Kathie Lee to retire from the show? She’s been on long enough and she always trys to hog the spotlight. She interrupts Hoda constantly and always wants or needs to be the center of attention. It’s getting to be very boring.

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