Bartender Who Taped Mitt Romney’s Infamous ’47 Percent’ Speech Sets TV Interview for Tonight

Mar 13, 2013  •  Post A Comment

The man who videotaped an appearance by Mitt Romney that many observers think doomed the Republican candidate’s presidential bid is finally ready to talk. EW.com’s PopWatch reports that the taper of Romney’s notorious “47 percent” speech has slated an interview for tonight’s installment of MSNBC’s “The Ed Show.”

“A few facts about the guy are out there already: He worked as a bartender at Romney’s now-infamous May 2012 fundraiser, he previously worked at a Clinton fundraiser, and the contrast between those two events partially inspired him to make the video in the first place,” the piece reports.

The report adds: “As the filmmaker tells The Huffington Post, Clinton was a dream client — he shook hands with everyone who worked the fundraiser that night, signed autographs, and otherwise behaved in an exceedingly Clintonian manner. Romney, on the other hand, ‘did not speak to any of the staff, bussers or waiters.’ And while he told the night’s guests that his remarks would be off the record, Romney didn’t give the same warning to the event’s staff — which the bartender apparently took as an invitation to break out his Canon camera.”

The taper told The Huffington Post: “I felt it was a civic duty. I couldn’t sleep after I watched it. I felt like I had a duty to expose it.”


  1. Of course it’s now more obvious than ever that Romney was right; those getting freebies from the Government will never vote for anyone who wants to pare them in scope, no matter how dire the financial reality.
    Santa Claus always wins, regardless if he’s stealing your own property to present to you as a “gift.”

  2. But giving massive freebies to Corporate America, and having corporations labeled as persons didn’t work either.

  3. I have no issues whatsoever with “corporate personhood” simply because it’s the only defense against the hegemony of labor unions.
    Also, much of what many label as corporate “freebies” are simply allowing corporations to keep their OWN money, not playing redistributionist Robin Hood as most programs giving freebies to individuals are.

  4. Bill, the corporate personhood is one of the problems with the country now. When you can show me a corporation that gives birth to another human, let me know and then I will be on your side. Until then we will continue to see these heavily monitized “people” buy elections so that they can continue to right their own laws ignoring human consequences. We are in the new guilded age, great for a few scraps for the rest.
    Return to stiff anti-trust laws downsizes all corporations who have to hire the people back that they cut during consolidation. That is the right way to redistribute the wealth. After all, it worked the first time.

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