Former Fox News Election Prognosticator Resurfaces — and Fires Shots at Chris Christie

Mar 15, 2013  •  Post A Comment

A former fixture on Fox News who was in the spotlight on election night has resurfaced with a new job. “Dick Morris, the former Fox News contributor who became synonymous with the fact-denying right-wing echo-chamber during the 2012 elections, has been tapped to host an afternoon show on Philadelphia’s WPHT radio station,” Politico.com reports.

Morris reportedly confirmed the news Thursday at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland (CPAC).

“Morris is taking the spot left vacant by Michael Smerconish, the radio personality and MSNBC political analyst, who is moving his show to Sirius XM in April,” Politico adds.

Politico reports separately that Morris had unkind words for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. The piece quotes Morris saying: “You notice [Christie’s] not speaking here today because after Barack let him drive in Air Force One, he bought him an ice cream cone. [My new radio audience] will include the swing state of Pennsylvania that we need to restore to being a swing state. And I look forward to the opportunity to speak for four hours [daily] without anybody interrupting me.”



  1. Morris the Blowhard.
    He fails to see that he and his type are what is wrong with the Republican Party.
    “I want party and self over country! Don’t give me someone intelligent that can find middle ground to move the country forward.”
    If you get fired from Fox News because you’re an extremist idiot, then it is pretty much confirmed you ARE an extremist idiot.

  2. The problem with Morris, Rove, and even Romney was that they figured that the country was too smart to re-elect a figure that had done nothing but damage to the economy, showed no signs of changing if re-elected, and had not gained a lick of experience in four years. The country proved them wrong. Gordon Gecko won.

  3. The country WAS smart enough to figure out that Romney, Morris and Rowe were and are idiots.
    Actually, Gordon Gecko, i.e. Romney, lost.
    Guess you missed the news – or were you watching FOX and you believed Dick Morris?

  4. As I said, Democrats aren’t very smart. They went from “Ask not what your country can do for you…” to “Greed is good.” Romney was dead right when he said that 47% (though he was a tad short on the percentage) want something from the government and Santa Claus is giving it to them. The debt keeps rising, unemployment stays the same, the cost of goods keep rising mostly because of fuel costs. How has this country improved over the last four years and where will it be after the next four? I hope you got your Obama phone and your food stamps.

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