Graphic ‘Girls’ Episode: Did It Go Too Far?

Mar 12, 2013  •  Post A Comment

Sunday’s episode of HBO’s "Girls" is raising questions, with some observers asking whether it went too far in depicting graphic details, according to The Hollywood Reporter’s Live Feed.

The episode, the show’s next-to-last for this season, "was bleak. It seemed to circulate around a bitter truth that no matter how hard you want to become your idealized self, your real nature cannot be bested," the story says.

But the issue that got people talking was the closing scene, in which the character Adam has rough sex with his new girlfriend, Natalia.

"It ended with a shot of his bodily fluid on her chest," writes Joe Flint in the Los Angeles Times. Flint adds: “It was a jarring end to a violent and hard-to-watch scene. Even theatrical movies with sexually explicit material and adult pay-per-view channels typically steer clear of such displays, especially if it’s not for comic relief."

A spokeswoman for HBO said the scene was "nothing more than use of props." She declined to respond to questions about whether the scene had gone too far, or whether HBO executives had debated the content, Flint writes.

Flint adds: "To younger viewers, who have been exposed to graphic sexual images via the Internet for years, any concern over the scene might be seen as much ado about nothing. … But to this reporter, it was a boundary crossed and more than just a use of props."

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  1. Edgy but not going too far. HBO knows how to get people talking and be innovative without crossing the line.

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