HBO Adds Disclaimer to ‘Phil Spector’

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HBO is adding an "odd" disclaimer to its film "Phil Spector," TheWrap.com reports. The disclaimer notes that the movie "is a work of fiction," according to the report.

The disclaimer marks a departure from other recent TV movies that have been based on true stories. The HBO project is distancing itself from the true events it’s based on, surrounding the 1993 shooting death of actress Lana Clarkson.

"This is a work of fiction,” the card at the beginning of the show reads. "It’s not ‘based on a true story.’”

That’s despite the fact that Spector and Clarkson, real people, are characters in the film.

The disclaimer adds, "It is a drama inspired by actual persons in a trial, but it is neither an attempt to depict the actual persons, nor to comment upon the trial or its outcome.”

The movie has come under fire from Spector’s wife, Rachelle Spector, for its portrayal of Spector, while Clarkson’s friends and her former publicist have protested the movie for its suggestion that the actress might have pulled the trigger herself, as we reported previously.

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