Host of TV Gun Show Is Shot to Death

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The host of a television program focusing on guns and hunting was shot to death late last week. The Associated Press reports that Gregory G. Rodriguez, the host of the Sportsman Channel program "A Rifleman’s Journal," died Thursday after being shot by a woman’s husband who was in an apparent jealous rage.

Rodriguez, 43, was visiting a Montana woman he met at a trade show when her 41-year-old husband shot him at about 10:30 p.m. Thursday, according to the report. The husband, Wayne Bengston, then beat his wife and took his 2-year-old son to a relative’s house, where he killed himself, the story says.

Rodriguez, also the founder and CEO of Global Adventure Outfitters, was a mortgage banker before pursuing hunting for a living.

The Sportsman Channel said it was deeply saddened by Rodriguez’s death and that it will miss his "thoughtfulness, candor and dedication to encourage a safe and enjoyable outdoor experience for all."

The report adds: “An outpouring on social media has followed the death of Rodriguez, who combined his comfort in front of the camera and travels to exotic locations with his hunting and shooting expertise into a popular program. The Sportsman Channel said that in January ‘A Rifleman’s Journal’ won Best Instructional/Educational Program at the Sportsman Channel’s Sportsman Choice Awards.”

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  1. Live by the gun, most likely you’ll die by the gun. How can the producers work this into an upcoming episode and make even more dough on the “reality” show?

  2. How fitting. A person that hunted and killed animals for what they call sport is hunted and killed himself.
    I wonder if the animals are cheering?

  3. Steve Majors has never eaten a piece of meat or any dairy product in his life. That is why he has such high moral position on his soapbox to applaud the death of someone he believes to be involved in the poor treatment of animals for the benefits of human pleasure.

  4. Couple of mental midgets… typical kneejerk response from so called thinking people. Heck, why don’t we just run over people involved in car wrecks that resulted in death? Live by the car die by the car. And animals cheering? Perhaps you don’t realize this but animals are not human, Simba and Bambi are just celluoid fantasies.

  5. TV Week set the standard and expressed their bias position with the headline. Shame on you. This is a tragic event that took two lives. Your headline was the invitation for the stupid comments about cheering animals and live by the gun ignorance. Should every law enforcement and military service personnel expect to be shot in the line of duty? What stupidity tree-hugging lefties come up with!

  6. “This is a tragic event that took two lives.”
    Sorry, since suicide is 100% preventable, it is not “tragic.”

  7. Please add the comment “What” posted to my list of stupid comments! Suicide not tragic is perhaps the most ignorant comment I have ever seen on this site! Way to go “What”

  8. Come on the guy was with a married woman…perhaps he did not know she was married…maybe he was just an innocent by stander and got in the way between a slut and her husband…poor guy dies for banging the local whore…

  9. Was he related to B.B.Rodriguez?

  10. “What stupidity tree-hugging lefties come up with!”
    Nothing as stupid as right-wingers, what with their blather about death panels, their insistence that climate change isn’t real, and their flat-earth denial about evolution.

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