Move Over, Fox News: Another Conservative TV News Net Is About to Launch

Mar 14, 2013  •  Post A Comment

A new cable channel is set to launch soon that could syphon off some of what Fox News has proved is a sizable audience for a right-leaning take on the news.

Deadline.com reports that One America News, from the Washington Times and the owner of WealthTV, is being readied for a July 1 launch. Citing a piece in The Wall Street Journal, the report says the channel will deliver a 24-hour lineup of news and conservative political talk.

“Charles Herring, president of One America News, says the San Diego-based network expects to start with modest distribution between 10 million and 20 million homes,” Deadline reports. “Herring said his family’s Herring Broadcasting is investing ‘hundreds of millions’ of dollars into what he describes as a much-needed alternative to the current situation.”

Said Herring: “MSNBC skews left, and some argue that CNN skews left,” while only Fox News “skews right.”

Herring is quoted in the piece as saying he plans “to open up another front and give independents, libertarians and all kind of different voices under the conservative umbrella an opportunity to express themselves.”

The channel will use the Washington Times as its D.C. bureau, the report notes, with an initial staff of 30 to 40 people.


  1. So put one TV in each corner of your room with each channel on one for Surround Sound bullsh*t!

  2. if the channel will be as successful as wealth then it will get a total of 1 viewer…the guy in the control room

  3. I wish I knew there was a Wealth TV as I could sure use some.

  4. Because, of course only liberals and progressives tell the truth. Think as they do or be deemed an idiot, a loser, a bigot, a homophobe, ad infinitum. Isn’t that right Tim?

  5. Well, Rob, he said four. So let’s count them. Come on, Rob, count with me. That’s CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, and this new station. So that’s half liberal and half conservative, yes Rob? Did you make it all the way to four with me? Are you stuck on three? It’s the one after two.
    And you noticed that Tim mentioned surround sound, so it would appear that he was implying the bullshit was coming from all four channels, do you agree? Rob are you still stuck on two? It’s the one after one.

  6. CNN’s problem isn’t that it leans left. CNN’s problem is that it strives to balance itself between right and left and show all sides to a story and offend no one. So instead, CNN tells no stories at all.
    Of course, now that that bullet-headed troll, Jeff Zucker, is in charge, all bets are off. God only knows what CNN will morph into.

  7. Thanks for explaining that for me Warren. I really get tired of pointing out to pointed heads that it is all info-tainment crap tainted with slanted political viewpoints, eg: bullsh*t.
    Bring back the fairness doctrine, which worked to maintain a even handed approach to every public affairs issue on every channel. Opinions are welcome as long as they are labelled as such.
    It’s the main cause for us not having a working government anymore and a very uninformed public.

  8. Tim I agree with you, but all of you have very good points about what is going on. You will, at least, have 4.1 bull coming out of all speakers. There will be no information!

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  10. Fox is the only news station it want to watch



    • Yeah, O’Reilly has a big following among people who have to type in all caps and can’t spell his name.

  12. My family, friends, cohorts, fbfs, are deeply saddened by the loss of Bill O’Reilly exit from Fox News.
    For many, many,many years all of us, would hurry home from work in the evenings, postpone phone calls, or let the phone ring and ring, eat dinner around, before or after Mr. O’REILLY and the Factor.
    We knew, we could count on Bill,to deliver with an edge, but without a spin.
    We will no longer watch Fox, because the change has occurred so as to change the delivery of the news for left leaning agendas, by the wife’s of Mr. Rupert Murdoch’s son James and his wife Kathryn Murdoch who worked, wrote for Hillary Clinton, has been an affiliate of the New York Times the Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox.
    We as Americans, conservatives, as hardworking, law abiding ,God fearing, tax paying citizens will no longer sit back and allow anyone, any organization, any program,government department, news and otherwise, lie, cheat, deny and use us as part of the American viewing audience to populate their Leftist almost brain washing into our homes or on to our children. resulting in Leftist agendas to destroy our American conservative, values, opinions very similar to how they dismantled the education department the last 8 years for our children, grandchildren which helped pave the to thein present millennial kaos.
    And so we, in the Greater New Orleans area will be looking forward to welcoming you into our homes this coming July.
    Sincerely, Grace Vindel.

    • I agree Grace! I like you,have heard enough of the liberal spin that these leftist News Organizations put on the news. Not only do the use opinionated biased reporting,they also choose to under report or not report at all,on the negative news about liberals. MRCTV ha done a pretty fair job pointing out the bias on the lefty news,but they are not a major nightly news caster,so you have to go to their site or subscribe to their e-mails and of course they are privately funded,which is good in most respects because they are not tied to some Socialist conglomerate like the other Big Networks. I enjoy most of Fox,but even they seem to be tilting towards some of the leftist bias. I love The Five and Hannity but Shep Smith is as liberal as they come,especially since his so called,”Coming Out!” In saying that,I do like most of the gals reporters on Fox. They seem to have it together and for the most part,don’t fall for the liberal drivel.. I say all that,to say! I am glad to here of another alternative source for news. I just gag when I turn on NBC.ABC.CBS or any of their Cable News Networks and especially CNN. What a bunch of leftist crybabies. They don’t come on there to give the news,they come on to convince us that left liberalism is a good thing, and they are totally Socialist,( New World Order Elites,) to the Max.

  13. I will be looking forward to a NEW CONSERVATIVE station to watch.. with the same format as FOX… The only thing wrong with ONE AMERICA NEWS was having just one person reporting news and no guests or anything… Was boring… FOX NEWS is just killing themselves… Will not watch.. They are going to put “Alive at five” show on at 9pm… Are you kidding?? Stupid…

  14. This is great news. Fox is going to far left. We need more conservative news channels. All of the major media outlets are very liberal!

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