‘The View’ Cleaning House: After Joy Behar’s Announced Exit, Another Host Is Reportedly Getting the Boot

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The morning talk staple “The View” appears to suddenly be cleaning house. On the heels of news that Joy Behar is headed out the door, as we reported previously, a new report by Us Magazine says Elisabeth Hasselbeck is also leaving the show.

The report cites a source saying Hasselbeck won’t return to the show for its next season.

“According to the source, the show’s resident conservative voice is being ousted after market research revealed that she isn’t popular with TV audiences,” the piece reports.

Us quotes the source saying: "The viewers they polled all said she was too extreme and right wing. People did not watch the show because of Elisabeth. So they told her yesterday her contract would not be renewed."

The report notes that a representative for “The View” wasn’t admitting anything. The rep is quoted saying: "Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a valued member of ‘The View’ and has a long-term contract."

“Hasselbeck, 35, joined the cast of the daytime talk show in November 2003 after guest-hosting the show following Lisa Ling’s departure in 2002,” Us notes. “Throughout the course of her time on ‘The View,’ she has gotten into numerous arguments with her co-hosts, including a heated argument with Rosie O’Donnell in 2007 over the war in Afghanistan and with Barbara Walters over Mitt Romney in 2012.”

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  1. The original premise of The View was to show different women from different walks of life that had strong, differing opinions. Elisabeth was very often the only panelist who had a different perspective, and was often bullied and ridiculed by her own co-panelists. If those poll results were accurate, it is only because the 50% of Americans who have conservative views likely got fed up with the show’s liberal agenda years ago. It is unfortunate that The View did not live up to its stated goal… though it did live up to its name: The (One and Only) View.

  2. Thank G-d. It’s about time ABC came to it’s senses. Her views are always contrary to the other hosts, and she never stops talking until she is finished with what she has to say – no matter who else is talking. The typical viewer is a liberal and really doesn’t want to hear anything she has to say anyway. I will however miss her cute appearance, but not for long 😉

  3. So you are saying God is a dirty word and Liberals are closed minded. No wonder Obama got re-elected. What are you getting for your vote? Probably one of the most remembered Inaugural speeches ever made was from a Democrat: Ask not for what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. Seems like your new mantra, in Gordon Gecko’s famous speech, Greed is good!

  4. And naturally, Republicans are far better looking than Democrats – S. Palin vs H. Clinton – need I say more?

  5. I have to agree with TOM M. This is showing how America doesn’t want to be the melting pot. Different ideas are no longer what should make us a great country, unique. The View was never about who was popular, but a show Babs created about ideas and thoughts from various sectors of female society. Seems that liberal ABC/Disney/Dreamworks is attempting to live within it’s own bubble. It somehow doesn’t think that being unique is bad, and total conformity is good. The opposite, yet the same type of thinking as McCarthyism. ABC is definitely being Pinko. If not careful, ABC will probably become the red menace, just as Russia once was. And to me this whole “View” situation is not the bees knees!

  6. * It somehow DOES think that being unique is bad, and total conformity is good. Typo.

  7. Yes, the “Conformist” View! Maybe it should be retitled. But then again, if MTV shows Reality shows and not music… Arts and Entertainment doesn’t about arts anymore, Cable News Network shows reality shows, WX Channel shows news… I guess this is in line with losing what’s in the name’s definition. The brand of “The View” is now watered-down, just like the pussified cable nets listed above, that lost their own ways. Maybe “the view” should have men on it now???? Since it’s not really what it once was. While they are changing it… why not make it pornographic (j/k). I think getting away from the original concept and branding is idiotic! All in the name of money. I agree with ya sister! I saw it the same way.

  8. The fact that this story is based on a story from US Magazine should tell you something … stop getting your panties in a bunch until a reputable source reports the story.

  9. “stop getting your panties in a bunch until a reputable source reports the story.”
    Sadie….IS THIS ALL YOU DO???? COMPLAIN ABOUT PEEP’S COMMENTS ON HERE? Really makes you look bad and is quite off topic. Your comment passively displays that you agree with Michael. But don’t beat others to death because they noticed things. That’s not socialist! God forbid!
    And as a media person… I have to ask this… “What is a CREDIBLE media Source?” If it;s one that leans one way or the other, to pander to any audience, that’s not credibility. MessNBC nor CNN (nor FNC, for that fact) is not anymore credible than this one listed. Also take note that the older source of the story was “Deadline.com.” Forgot to mention that one in your complaint about panties in a bunch.
    Please start being nicer to people commenting. And for God’s (or any other deity) start reading all of the article and THINK FOR YOURSELF, not along what news source you like most.
    Sorry, but tired of seeing your complaints on here.

  10. Correction: Meant to say Reputable, which really has no meaning, being a media insider. It has a reputation, as you (Sadie) noted… so it technically is reputable.

  11. Hey! is it great but some how not too productive.There is nothing about cleaning house and I was looking exactly the same.

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