CBS Renews ‘Two and a Half Men,’ But One of Its Stars Won’t be Back as a Regular

Apr 29, 2013  •  Post A Comment

"Two and a Half Men" received a renewal from CBS for the 2013-14 season, but the network is apparently de-emphasizing the "half" part of the show’s title, reports Deadline.com.

While stars Jon Cryer and Ashton Kutcher have signed new one-year deals to return, Angus T. Jones won’t be back on the show as a regular, the story says.

Cryer and Kutcher renewed their deals at salaries near to what they earned last season. That’s about $700,000 per episode for Kutcher and slightly less for Cryer, making them TV’s highest-paid actors, the story says.

Jones might return for guest-starring appearances, the story adds. His departure isn’t surprising, given that the actor wanted to go to college. With his character in the Army, he has only appeared occasionally on the show this season, the piece adds.

According to Us Weekly, Jones wants to focus on his music, and the network is trying to keep him.

Nevertheless, his departure also comes after Jones made some ill-advised comments last year, in which he called his show "filth," as previously reported. He later apologized for the comments.

angus-t-jones.jpgAngus T. Jones


  1. “focus on his music”
    For Gawd’s sake.
    Get a real life, son.

  2. I heard the name of his one-man band is called “The Moron”. He has a single out called “I’ll Regret My Decisions In 15 Years”. His music is described as a cross between ‘Right Said Fred’ and the ‘Dixie Chicks’… yee haw, Angus – enjoy your focus!

  3. If he made a nest egg from his earnings, He could live quite comfortably for 60-80 yrs without dealing with the sleaze bags of Hollywood. I don’t expect that to happen but don’t we all wish could have that kind of cash to START life with. Good luck Angus, you’ll need it for some time to come.

  4. He probably realized how moronic and unfunny the show really is, and thought, “Hunh. I could do so much better. I think I will.”

  5. How is this different from his role this season?

  6. Maybe they’ll bring in a long-lost cousin, Oliver.
    Or Maybe Ashton’s character has a as-yet unknown love child. Named, “Cousin Oliver.”

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