CNN Continues to Stumble Through Its Makeover, With Another New Show Tanking in Ratings; at a Rival Cable News Channel, Meanwhile, Things Are Looking Up

Apr 3, 2013  •  Post A Comment

Jeff Zucker’s retooled CNN lineup is beginning to take shape at the cable network, and so far the ratings results have been less than encouraging.

The CNN panel show "(Get to) the Point" debuted Monday night, giving the network its lowest 10 p.m. ratings for the year, according to The Hollywood Reporter’s Live Feed.

Meanwhile, MSNBC also debuted a new show Monday, as Chris Hayes’ "All In" drew 859,000 total viewers in its 8 p.m. time slot. Among viewers 25-54, the show attracted 298,000 people, more than "The Ed Show," its predecessor, which averaged 205,000 viewers in the demographic during the first quarter, the story says.

CNN’s "(Get to) the Point" debuted on less than one day’s notice, drawing 278,000 total viewers and 80,000 in the 25-54 demographic. Both are lows for the time slot this year, the piece notes.

It’s the second new series under CNN Worldwide President Zucker, with the launch billed as a weeklong project, the story adds. The cable network debuted “The Lead with Jake Tapper” last month, with that show also delivering disappointing numbers, as previously reported.



  1. It was just terrible. Lame. If I want to see pretty blondes I would watch Fox News. The discussion about purple hearts and that every soldier is hero was just dumb. I hope this show fails.

  2. *The View
    *The Talk
    *The Five
    *The Point
    Really thinking outside the box!

  3. As a soldier that retired after 24 years, and one that almost lost his life from a hand grenade, I am sadly disappointed in your attitude towards soldiers. Soldiers volunteer, they are not drafted. We willingly put our lives on the line every day for people like you. Every soldier IS a hero. And we are willing to give up our lives so that people like you may enjoy the freedoms that you take for granted. Next time you see a soldier, you ought to thank them for what they do.

  4. Having been in the Navy during Vietnam, I can agree that you should thank any member of the military for serving now that 97% do not. But I must agree that giving purple hearts is stupid, everyone is not wounded in action, mentally or physically. I was one such lucky person. They issue the National Defense Ribbon as thanks. It says you showed up with a warm body when needed.
    By the way, if they would spend money on reporters, they might actually form a news channel.

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