Embarrassing Gaffe for NBC’s ‘Today’ Show

Apr 10, 2013  •  Post A Comment

NBC’s morning show “Today” had an embarrassing blooper on Tuesday’s show. In a story reported by anchor Natalie Morales about ousted JCPenney CEO Ron Johnson, the program aired a photo of the wrong Ron Johnson, Mediaite reports.

The photo that appeared on-air was of Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, the piece reports.

Morales “reported the news of the CEO’s short tenure ending at retail giant JCPenney apparently without noticing the error made by the ‘Today’ show’s graphics department,” the story reports.

The piece adds: “Sen. Ron Johnson made news recently when he found himself in a heated back and forth with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her Senate hearings on Benghazi. Like any politician, he was probably not thrilled to have his photo appear directly above the word “ousted” on national television this morning.”



  1. This is what happens when u have stupid college interns dong graphics

  2. Before insinuating that all college-level interns are dumb and low-performing, perhaps you should double-check your own work Mr./Ms Dong.

  3. its ok, today show no longer has viewers so not like anyone noticed

  4. Anything that keeps the Benghazi tragedy and Hillary Clinton’s lying coverup in the news is a good thing!

  5. Yeah, because Bill & Hillary Clinton are some kind of Bond villains, having people assassinated if they cut the Clinton’s of in the Starbucks drive-thru). Seriously, ‘Reality Check’, the only reason you don’t see the Democrats screaming about all of the Republican’s “lying coverups” is because Dems wouldn’t be able to get anything else done if they called every BS dick-headed move the Reps coimmoitted during the course of a standar day.

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