Four Lessons for Apple to Be Learned From the Introduction of the Facebook Phone

Apr 5, 2013  •  Post A Comment

According to Fortune, "Now we know: The Facebook Phone is neither a phone, nor an operating system. Instead, [Facebook founder Mark] Zuckerberg unveiled a downloadable collection of apps, available April 12, that will be supported on select Android phones to start, including the $99 HTC First, the first device to come pre-loaded with it."

Nevertheless, JP Mangalindan writes in Fortune tthat Apple can learn four things from this Facebook move:

1. "Don’t force the marriage of desktop and mobile. As Zuckerberg told Fortune, Facebook on mobile doesn’t closely resemble the desktop experience — a strategy that seems to be working as the social network continues to expand its footprint on smartphones and tablets. (Indeed, 157 million Facebook users checked the social network daily via mobile devices as of last January.)"

2.  "If it’s not your strong suit, look elsewhere. Apple is master of many things — industrial design, elegant interfaces, tablets — but let’s face it: Social has never been one of them. One need look no further than the failed, awkwardly named iTunes social networking service Ping for proof."

3. "Relax — just a little bit. A Home-like experience for iOS would likely be great for users who want it, but why the hold-up? Apple’s tight reins over iOS development is likely the culprit. Though Zuckerberg told Fortune Facebook has a good relationship with Apple, he also suggested when it comes to iOS development, you really need to work with them."

4. "Don’t commodify the hardware. … [A]s Apple explores new revenue streams, particularly in areas like China, and mulls over more inexpensive iPhone models, it shouldn’t treat its hardware with any less emphasis than it already does. Because for Facebook, HTC’s average-seeming handset sounds to us like a missed opportunity."

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