NBC’s Bob Costas Rips Into CBS

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NBC sportscaster Bob Costas lashed out at CBS during an appearance on “The Dan Patrick Show,” ripping into the network for failing to acknowledge "Augusta’s history of racism and sexism" during its Masters coverage, reports Deadspin.

"What no CBS commentator has ever alluded to, even in passing, even during a rain delay, even when there was time to do so, is Augusta’s history of racism and sexism,” Costas said on the show. “Even when people were protesting just outside the grounds — forget about taking a side — never acknowledging it. So not only will I never work the Masters because I’m not at CBS, but I’d have to say something and then I would be ejected."

While Costas didn’t refer to CBS sportscaster Jim Nantz by name, he seemed to indicate he feels Nantz should have taken a stand, Deadspin reports.

"I think someone should [have] had the guts to do it along the way,” Costas said. “Broadcaster, executive, somebody should have said to someone at Augusta, ‘Look, this is an issue. And this is not “Nightline” or “Meet the Press” — we understand that. But this is an issue. And it’s an elephant in the room. And we’re going to address it as concisely as we can but we’re going to address it so our heads are not in the collective sand trap.’”

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  1. Bob is right. Back in 1990 a golf course called Shoal Creek balked at having a “colored” player on the California college team. Something was said about it and they let this young kid play; Tiger Woods

  2. This is like debating slavery. Augusta has two female members, one who is black. Get over it. I am sick and tired of people always wanting to be somewhere they aren’t invited. Then when the rules are changed, they don’t want it any more. The purpose of any club is to allow like-minded people to enjoy the company of their peers. If you don’t like tattoos or piercings, you don’t like dogs or children, you don’t like people who play chess or scrabble – you should be able to pick and choose your members. As long as it isn’t government funded. I used to live in an all adult complex. Some idiot with a family was jealous and now there can no longer be separate adult and family complexes. I now have to deal with screaming kids, trash, bicycles left on the sidewalks, etc. If you decide to segregate, you do it at your own consequence, but desegregation doesn’t work either (and this isn’t just about race). Somebody always loses.

  3. While “The purpose of any club is to allow like-minded people to enjoy the company of their peers,” when that like-mindedness is rooted in illegal, yes ILLEGAL, racism and sexism, it is, as Bob Costas so rightly noted, mandated for coverage. CBS has, for years, been a collaborator and enabler of this bi-bigotry, which as Costas signalled, cannot be ignored, especially by people who call themselves journalists.

  4. They could have done a montage: “One Tarnished Moment”

  5. Yes, you and Bob Costas are right. But it’s not realistic to believe that will EVER happen. Too much money involved. Sponsors pay too much – and they certainly don’t want to be in the fray. Ratings are still great – and there wouldn’t be a shortage of networks lined up to carry the Masters if CBS stood up. You can also say the same about ESPN – who now carries the early rounds. Sadly in America today, money (the business decision) is far more important than the character it would take to speak out. I’d ask Bob Costas to put himself in his shoes while he was the lead broadcaster at NBC. What would he do if GE (who may have many factories in China) told him to tone it down on human rights in China? If he didn’t the Chinese will pull the plug on our factories and the world won’t get their dishwashers. When big money is involved always bet on the broadcaster taking the low road.

  6. By all means everyone should do what Tom M says and “stay in their place”. Bring back Jim Crow, stop giving in to the needs of the disabled too. Let’s turn the clock back to the 50’s where only the healthy monied white folks have complete unbridled freedom. Everyone else shut up about injustice and stay out of sight. That’s the America I love…not.

  7. Bob Costas is just jealous because he is so irrelevant at his trade. Just shut up and let people live. Why go back in time and rehash every thing that offend you. I really have NO respect for this creep.

  8. I love golf. I love to watch the Masters. I have been to the Masters 4 times. I am female. And, the sexist attitude growing up 30 years ago with Country Club Golf ingrained a sense of inferiority – now gone – Try being a female that had to fight for the right for Saturday tee times when male golfers had the privilege of teeing off anytime. Augusta is changing and I do applaud that society has finally forced that issue. When I heard the Putt CHip and Drive COntest was to be held there next year and that it was open to both boys and girls I was thrilled – that would not have happened twenty years ago when I was young!!

  9. Tim obviously didn’t understand the gist of my response. To bring up Jim Crow is ridiculous. What is amazing is how many Blacks and Hispanics think the Democrat Party supports them. From 1865 to 1976, these “Jim Crow” laws were instigated and perpetuated by the Democrats. The KKK were Democrats. It took a brave Lyndon Johnson to sign the Civil and Voters Rights laws that would do major damage to Southern Democrats. All Republicans signed in favor of the bills. Today, Hispanics and Blacks are in worse shape than ever – higher unemployment, higher incarceration, lower education, than their white counterparts. By all means support today’s America. I hope you aren’t black or Hispanic and think the current government is in your favor. No one has to stay in their place. I don’t like barking dogs, screaming children, nor people who choose to be ignorant – sue me.

  10. DirecTV announces New HD DVR receivers that will mute anything & everything Bob Costas has to say. CEO/President Mike White says “this will assure that [the majority of] the World will switch over to our service offerings overnight”

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