Report: Matt Lauer Urged NBC to Hire Crisis Team

Apr 24, 2013  •  Post A Comment

"Today" co-host Matt Lauer reportedly urged NBC to hire a crisis team to help with the situation at the NBC morning show. The New York Post’s Page Six reports that Lauer wanted the network to bring in public relations experts to help counter bad press generated by former co-host Ann Curry’s ouster, but the network refused.

That decision left Lauer "taking matters into his own hands," the story says, citing an unnamed source close to the show. Some executives at the network reportedly interviewed outside firms last fall, but their superiors didn’t want to bring anyone in, the piece adds.

A representative for "Today" declined to comment.

The report adds: “A top spin doctor said that the network should have taken Lauer’s advice and brought in the cavalry to handle the ‘Today’ mess. ‘Matt should be seen as a much more sympathetic figure,’ he said. ‘They’ve made some real mistakes, obvious ones, and they have no plan. As soon as you become the highest-paid anchor, you have a target on your tush.’ But another supported NBC’s decision, sniffing, ‘I’d never let [on-air] talent hire their own outside PR people.’”



  1. It’s hard to recover from “making a girl cry” — even with a team of flaks.

  2. I don’t know the facts behind the situation at the Today show, but it’s hard not to appear to be the “bad guy” if you are, in fact, the “bad guy”. If this were strictly an executive decision, had Mat Lauer wanted Ann Curry to stay, I think she would still be there.
    There are numerous instances where executives have tried to get rid of someone and were thwarted by the influence of a shows stars and peers. William Talman and Raymond Burr being one instance.

  3. MSNBC was ranked 18th in Boston bombing reporting. The entire network is toast. The public does not like most of their shows period. The 4th hour of The Today Show with Hoda and Kathie Lee is the only pleasant show on that network in the mornings. NBC overpaid Matt and he is not likeable anymore. I think sponsors will begin to leave soon.

  4. Considering what a jerk he has been in his marriage/divorce, why is it hard to believe Mr. Entitlement isn’t a mean *&^%?

  5. Get Rid Of MATT!!

  6. Why don’t the just admit that mistakes were made (and they were) Get Miss Curry back on the morning show, and tell Matt L. that this IS the way it’s gonna be. Would make the Net look good. Righ now, with Curry and the way they are treating Jay, the suits look like the biggest SOBs in history.

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