Series That Survived on Cable After Being Canceled on Broadcast: Canceled Again

Apr 22, 2013  •  Post A Comment

A series that had two separate lives — first on broadcast and a second incarnation on cable — appears to have run out of chances. Comedy Central announced today that it is canceling “Futurama,” the Los Angeles Times reports.

The animated series from “Simpsons” creator Matt Groening will end when its seventh season concludes Sept. 4. The 13-episode season premieres June 19.

The show initially ran on Fox for four seasons, from 1999-2003. Comedy Central brought it back in 2008 for what will turn out to be another three seasons.

Guest voices for season seven will include Larry Bird, Sarah Silverman, George Takei, Adam West, Burt Ward and the voice of Homer Simpson, Dan Castellaneta.

The Times report notes: “Perhaps because of ‘Futurama’s’ ability to transcend death before, co-creator Matt Groening’s statement seemed to have a less-than-final air about it. ‘I’m very proud of the upcoming season. If this is indeed the end of “Futurama,” it’s a fantastic finish to a good, long run,’ he said.”

“The Simpsons” is due back on Fox for its 25th season this fall.


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  1. If the fans want it, and the creators are willing to bite the financial bullet, there’s no reason this needs to be the end. Netflix, DirecTV, Hulu and other “pipes” are clamoring for original content. There’s Kickstarter. Or just produce original episodes and sell them direct to fans on iTunes, Amazon and other online stores. Will a million fans pay $.99 each to finance an episode that costs $1 million to produce? Only one way to find out…and I’m guessing with 20 years of The Simpsons and counting, Matt Groening can afford the risk…

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