Video: In Honor of the Doomed Bismarck, N.D., News Guy: Five Other TV News People Who Lost It on the Job

Apr 25, 2013  •  Post A Comment

In the wake of the notorious cussing outburst by rookie Bismarck, N.D., newsman A.J. Clemente, TheWrap.com pointed out that Clemente is hardly alone among news people in accidentally reverting to street talk.

Clemente “shouldn’t feel too bad about his situation,” the website reports. “For one thing, he’s probably more famous now than he ever would have been if he hadn’t cursed on air. And for another thing, he’s not alone in his dilemma!”

The site posted clips of five other well-known incidents involving off-color language — or at least what sounds like it — involving TV news colleagues.

Naturally, the clips carry with them a warning about language that’s not fit for TV. Enjoy!

New York news fixture Sue Simmons curses and apologizes on WNBC-TV:

Shepard Smith makes a less-than-flattering remark about J-Lo on Fox News:

WCBS-TV’s Arthur Chi’en lets a couple of hecklers know how he really feels:

WNYW-TV’s Ernie Anastos makes a weird comment about a chicken:

In the longest of the five clips, ESPN’s Heather Cox may have rehearsed her report on an NBA player’s collapse a few too many times — resulting in an S-bomb, followed by an oddly cutesy “Golly!”:

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