Which Broadcast Shows Will Make It to Next Season? For Starters, Don’t Count on These Two NBC Series; Who’s In, Who’s Out and Who’s on the Bubble?

Apr 26, 2013  •  Post A Comment

In three weeks the broadcast networks will announce their 2013-14 fall schedules at the upfront presentations in New York City, and EW.com’s Inside TV has issued its forecasts on which current shows are likely to get renewed or canceled.

Don’t count on NBC’s "Deception" or "Guys with Kids" to return, the story reports. A couple of other NBC shows that are tough to call are "Hannibal" and "The New Normal," with the latter called "very weak" in the article. "This one depends on the strength of NBC’s comedy pilots,” the piece reports.

On CBS, "Rules of Engagement" may "finally get a pink slip," although many of the network’s shows have already been renewed, including "Person of Interest" and "The Good Wife," the story reports. With CBS and studio Warner Bros. TV still negotiating on "Two and a Half Men," "we expect to see another season," the article adds.

At ABC, renewals are certain for "Modern Family" and "Once Upon a Time," but it also has several bubble shows, including "Malibu Country" and "The Neighbors."

Fox has renewed a number of shows already, including "Bones" and "Glee," but the fate of "The Cleveland Show" is up in the air.

"What is a show that’s not canceled, yet not expected to be renewed?,” the report asks. “Fox has put ‘Cleveland’ into cryostasis, that state of suspended animation (so to speak) for animated shows that are doing poorly in the ratings, yet might be thawed out for another batch of episodes depending on the network’s scheduling needs — either months or years in the future."

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  1. why did you take ed the air in the first place. we all enjoyed his show so much he has what it takes to keep your interest. its too bad you had to you screwed up.we were very faithful viewers but not anymore.we know you said he iis comming back ,wanna bet it wont be the real ed anymore.

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