Cancellations Taking a Toll on Gay Characters

May 13, 2013  •  Post A Comment

Openly gay characters are having a tough time as the networks decide their fall schedules, according to The Hollywood Reporter’s Live Feed.

While the 2012-13 TV season featured a record number of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender characters, next season may not prove as hospitable, since the networks’ recent cancellations have seen many of those shows get cut, the story notes.

Gay-friendly shows getting the ax include NBC’s "The New Normal," which was about a gay couple starting a family, and CBS’s "Partners."

NBC’s "Smash," which featured four gay regulars, was also canceled. Other shows with gay characters that have landed on the chopping block include TNT’s "Southland" and ABC’s "Happy Endings," whose character Max Blum was considered one of TV’s least stereotypically gay characters, the story notes.


  1. It’s not discrimination to cut a show that doesn’t earn its renewal stripes – all shows (most of the time) are held to the same standard regardless of the sexual orientation of the main characters. If there aren’t enough viewers watching the show then it goes away. Look at how many “non-gay character” shows have been cancelled this year alone.
    It’s plain and simple – writers need to write better and networks need to select better, and get away from this cheeky, stupid, mind-numbing same-ole, same-ole crap they think intelligent minds want to watch. Until they can do that we will continue to see this turnstyle of shows every year, in today, out tomorrow.

  2. Modern Family is still my favorite sitcom. Good shows don’t get cancelled regardless of the sexual orientation of their characters.

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