Discovery Producer, Bitten by a Venomous Snake, Releases What Some Are Calling ‘The Grossest Picture on the Internet.’ Here It Is — If You Have the Stomach for It

May 2, 2013  •  Post A Comment

Steve Rankin, a producer on the Discovery show "Naked and Afraid," released what is being described as "the grossest picture on the Internet" after he was bitten by a venomous snake, which caused his flesh to rot to the bone, reports TMZ.com.

The good news is that Rankin survived the snake bite and he tells TMZ that he’s recovering after receiving skin grafts in Los Angeles. "Naked and Afraid" is slated to debut this summer, and will feature two complete strangers — a man and a woman — meeting for the first time while naked and in the wilderness.

"I was scouting locations in Costa Rica. … As I was traversing through some deep jungle I was bitten on the foot by a fer-de-lance. It’s one of the deadliest snakes in the world and the fangs went right through my boot," Rankin told the publication.

His team carried him for two miles on a makeshift stretcher, then got him to a helipad, where he was airlifted to a hospital in San Jose, which gave him antivenom and antibiotics.

"About 5 days later the flesh in my foot had started to rot," he said. Surgeons in Costa Rica had to cut some of his foot away, and then he was moved to Los Angeles for the skin grafts.

Please, be forewarned: The photo, which shows the damage to Rankin’s foot before the skin grafts, is stomach-churning. If you must look at it, please click here.

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