Future Is Unclear for One ‘Glee’ Star

May 10, 2013  •  Post A Comment

One of the stars of Fox’s “Glee” has an uncertain future on the show, with observers unsure whether she will be back for its fifth season. The Hollywood Reporter’s Live Feed reports that Heather Morris, who is pregnant, does not have a deal to return to the show.

Morris could potentially return either as a regular or in a recurring role, the piece notes. Her character, Brittany, started as a background cheerleader but gradually got more screen time as her dingbat persona won over viewers.


Heather Morris 


  1. Heather and the other castmates who are orginals and ALWAYS will be need to move on JUST LIKE KIDS IN HS DO. I look forward to the storylines these writers develop regarding social issues that are not limited to adults. High school students have many issues to deal with and though I don’t think GLEE sometimes goes far enough (TEXTING segment/accident/Quinn) and sometimes goes too far (gay issues are now at the fore front and are a lead in to too many other subplots)I do believe they open the eyes of parents who watch and give HS students a voice to begin a conversation. There are amazingly talented people out there who the musical shows have given a chance to shine and be seen. Heathers entrance to MIT was a bit farfethched and i do wish maybe some comedy writer had met her and swept her away to forever write from her musings. More a happy ending. Her departure was emotional.

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