‘Two and a Half Men’ Adding a New Female Character

May 30, 2013  •  Post A Comment

"Two and a Half Men" is adding a new character as a series regular — a woman in her early 20s or late teens who’s the long-lost daughter of Charlie Harper, the character that was played by Charlie Sheen on the CBS comedy series, reports Nellie Andreeva at Deadline.com.

"I hear the girl will eventually move in with Walden [Ashton Kutcher] and her uncle Alan Harper (Jon Cryer). The new character is expected to fill the void left by the departure of Alan’s son Jake as Angus T. Jones recently exited as a regular after 10 seasons on the show," Andreeva notes.

Andreeva adds: "With the new addition, ‘Two and a Half Men’ will have subbed two of the three characters in the title, following the successful transition from original leading man Sheen to Kutcher two years ago."

Sheen was dismissed from the show in 2011 after a high-profile meltdown.



  1. Just kill this show, already.

  2. After the successful change of title characters, the writing has gotten as stale as your average Jr. high play. Boogers and farts, drugs and ho’s.

  3. The big reveal will be that this supposed long lost daughter of Charlie Harper (very likely just one of so many illegitimate children that NASA has been asked to calculate how many there are, give or take a few hundred or so) is actually their long, lost Cousin Oliver who has had a sex change.

  4. I hope they tone down the vulgarity, get Alan out of Walden’s home by finally letting him find the love of his life (maybe Heather Locklear or Denise Richards or someone else Charlie Sheen has Co-starred with so it has some irony & twistedness), and bring back Charlie Sheen for the final episode….and put Rose in a mental institution for faking Charlie’s death and having imprisoned him against his will…whatever happens, I think we all really hope this is the last season.

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