Video: ‘Unbelievably Entertaining’ Police Dash Cam Clip of Reese Witherspoon’s Arrest

May 3, 2013  •  Post A Comment

A video of actress Reese Witherspoon’s arrest has hit the Internet, and it’s not likely to be a performance she’s proud of.

In the video, released by TMZ, the actress is seen getting "in the officer’s face … and annoyed him to the point that he arrested her for disorderly conduct," TMZ.com reports. The website describes the clip as an “unbelievably entertaining dash cam video.”

Some of the dialogue has been reported previously, but the latest report also says that Witherspoon claimed to be pregnant and needed to pee. At one point, her husband, Jim Toth, apologized to the arresting police officer about Witherspoon, telling him, "I’m sorry, I had nothing to do with that!"

Witherspoon later said on "Good Morning America" that she panicked and said "crazy things" because her husband was being arrested for DUI.

TMZ reports: “Reese — who since admitted she was hammered at the time — decided to butt in during the arrest … and the officer obviously wasn’t having it and cartoonishly enforced the law with a vengeance.”

Here’s the clip:


  1. Wait a minute. She didn’t sound drunk. She was quite coherent. When the tax feeder handcuffed her illegally, thus showing this was a case of dog-eat-dog rather than justice, then and only then did she play the power card by asking him if he knew who she was.
    Her husband should be ashamed of himself for disavowing her right to speak. Disgusting.

  2. Really, Steve?
    Even as a guy who 1. met Reese on several occasions and thinks she is not only really cool but also very talented
    and 2. has had quite a few of his own bad experiences with overzealous members of law enforcement, I have to say that she looks bad here, and the cop was just doing his job. Both she and her husband were too drunk to be driving around, and she is apparently a bit of a loudmouth after a few cocktails. Not the end of the world, but certainly embarrassing, no doubt.
    Still like her, though. I was just some retail drone but she was very nice and courteous to me on several occasions, and that speaks to a quality of character that was unfortunately not on display here.

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