Video: Why Can’t Most Discussions Between Liberals and Conservatives Be This Entertaining? Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly Visited Jon Stewart on Stewart’s ‘Daily Show’ This Week

May 24, 2013  •  Post A Comment


  1. Stewart said that there were over 30,000 homicides by guns. He pulled that number out of a part of his anatomy that no one ever wants to see. Here are the real number of homicides in 2012 by type.
    1. Handguns 6,009
    2. Rifles 453
    3. Military-style assault rifles (mass shootings) 18
    4. Auto accidents 32,885
    5. Drunk driving 10,839
    6. Knives 1,817
    7. Blunt objects (like hammers) 674
    8. Hands, feet & fists 869

  2. Including vehicular homicide due to an accident is a stretch. They were talking about deliberate acts of homicide. Even including Drunk Driving is not what they were really discussing.

  3. Stewart specifically said there were 30,000 deaths between homicide and suicide. He is an advocate for gun control and knows that whatever he says will be believed by his followers. Some uneducated viewers of his show will now “know” that there are 30,000 deaths between homicide and suicide each year. “Let’s ban all guns cause 30,000 people die each year from guns”. But it’s a lie. Spin it any way you want, he lied.

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