Will ‘Freaks and Geeks’ Get a Second Act, a la ‘Arrested Development’?

May 23, 2013  •  Post A Comment

With "Arrested Development" returning with new episodes on Netflix after a seven-year hiatus, the Los Angeles Times asks why a similar feat couldn’t be undertaken for another cult hit, "Freaks and Geeks."

Asking "Freaks and Geeks" creator Paul Feig the question, he answered that the problem would be with the cast, which included James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jason Segel and Linda Cardellini.

"Oh, we couldn’t afford them," Feig told the publication. "It’d be the most expensive cast ever."

Feig added that, in his opinion, the issues would go deeper than money.

"You know, Mitch Hurwitz is just braver than I am," Feig says, referring to the "Arrested Development" creator. "I’ve never seen a good reunion — in real life or on film. There’s always something that’s wrong. Half the time, you’re just thinking, ‘Oh, look how old they are.’"

Feig added, "Never say never. I love them all. But we’re probably best served leaving the past behind."



  1. Freaks and Geeks could work with the right story since we already know what the actors look like. And who knows, if the script is good enough, the cast might do it just for fun, especially seeing that 3 of them are worth millions.

  2. I think Franco definitely would. Probably Segal as well. Most of it would depend on scheduling whether or not the production would be the usual amount of work you have to put in on a series or if they could just block out a couple of weeks to shoot all of their scenes and go on their merry way.

  3. Why do you need the same cast. They could do cameos and work with a new cast. It was the writing that made the show different.

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