Bryan Cranston Reveals His Next Move After ‘Breaking Bad’ Wraps Final Season

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"Breaking Bad" star and perennial Emmy winner Bryan Cranston disclosed what his plans are following the AMC drama’s final season, which begins in August, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Cranston, who won three consecutive Emmys for outstanding lead actor from 2008-2010 for his work on “Breaking Bad,” said he plans to record a Samuel L. Jackson monologue for charity — turning the tables on Jackson, who recently recorded one of Cranston’s most memorable "Breaking Bad" monologues to raise money for charity. The speech was a scene from the fourth season in which Cranston’s character, Walter, tells his wife, "I am not in danger, Skyler. I am the danger. … I am the one who knocks!”

“I did see Sammy’s monologue, and I’m going to be making one of my own from one of his monologues at some point to help with Alzheimer’s research and finding the cure,” Cranston wrote. “I sympathize with him because my mother also had Alzheimer’s. It’s a horrible disease, but he found a very interesting way to bring attention to it.”

Cranston’s comments appear on a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” post. The actor also noted that he’s sad to say goodbye to "Breaking Bad." "To me it’s like retiring after winning the Super Bowl,” he wrote.

He also talked about making the switch from his comedic role on "Malcolm in the Middle" to the darkness in "Breaking Bad."

“What I discovered is that everyone has a dark side. It might be unrealized, untapped, but if the right buttons are pushed anyone can become dangerous and I just opened up to it,” he wrote.


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