‘Community’ Creator Changes His Tune, Apologizes for Rant

Jun 18, 2013  •  Post A Comment

After unleashing more than a few unkind words about the previous season of NBC’s “Community,” show creator Dan Harmon — who has been rehired as showrunner — offered an apology for what he called his “very un-Community” comments, Deadline.com reports.

“He offered a mea culpa to the show’s fans, its crew, and the writers on the fourth season that Harmon was absent for: ‘I’m sorry I pooped on your work.’ Harmon also apologized for using language that ‘dehumanize[d] the developmentally disabled’ and for ‘using the word “rape” in a comedic context,’” the story reports.

As we reported previously, Harmon on Sunday slammed season four of the show, which was run by writers David Guarascio and Moses Port after Harmon was fired. Among his comments: “It’s very much like an impression and an unflattering one. It’s 13 episodes of ‘I’m Dan Harmon!’ I’m going back to work tomorrow morning and I’m just like, do I talk like that?”

Deadline notes that Harmon, “who is heading back for Season 5 with writer Chris McKenna, compared catching up on the Guarascio and Port-led fourth season to ‘flipping through Instagram watching your girlfriend blow a million [people].’”

“He also didn’t mince words when it came to describing Sony TV’s decision to remove him from the show in the first place,” the piece adds, quoting Harmon’s online rant:

“There’s a system in place that’s winning because I would have had too much leverage, too much power, too much salary as would have a lot of writers coming into Season 4. So they just flushed us, and replaced us with two guys who didn’t know what they were getting into… Writers fighting other writers is the American Dream in the eyes of Sony. That is what they want. They want creative people rewriting each other. They want creative people replacing each other. They want us interchangeable. They want to think about writing the way they think about the guy on assembly line 24 that puts the final screw in the fucking Playstation… I shouldn’t even say ‘they’ because it’s an ‘it,’ it’s a fucking machine. There isn’t a single person that works at that corporation that isn’t also thought of like that by the fucking SkyNet… The system just wants us all to not be human.”

Deadline adds: “Harmon revealed he’d recently reached out to Bill Murray in hopes of bringing him on the show despite Season 4 introducing James Brolin as Jeff Winger’s father, the character Harmon had envisioned Murray to play.”

Harmon reportedly wrote: “I always wanted Jeff’s father to be Bill Murray. I named him Jeff Winger after Bill Murray’s character in ‘Stripes.’ There’s something awesome about being held down and watching your family get raped on a beach. It’s liberating.”

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