Details Surface on Paris Jackson’s Struggle With Depression, ‘Cry for Help’

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Paris Jackson’s hospitalization Wednesday came after a suicide attempt and a long period of depression, reports People magazine, citing a source close to the Jackson family.

As previously reported, Jackson, the daughter of the late pop superstar Michael Jackson, was hospitalized after what was reported as a possible suicide attempt.

Paris Jackson, 15, allegedly cut her wrists with a kitchen knife and swallowed as many as 20 ibuprofen tablets, the story says. She remained in a Southern California hospital, where she was said to be “stabilized.”

"Paris has been very, very depressed for a while. She’s been throwing fits and tantrums, kicking and screaming and cutting herself," the source told the publication, adding: "Some of this is normal teenager things, hormonal changes. But now it’s serious. Paris has said that there is something missing in her life. This is a cry for help."

The source also noted that the teenager misses her father, with June 25 marking the fourth anniversary of his death. "She was the center of Michael’s world and it’s all different now,” the source said. “She says that she is lonely and that she doesn’t feel loved."

A second source quoted in the People report added: "Paris is very unhappy and alone. She’s living in this place and there’s security and uncles and all these hangers-on. And she’s alone. That’s one of the reasons she reached out to Debbie Rowe — she wants a family; she’s missed her dad."

Paris Jackson has recently rekindled her relationship with her mother, Rowe, as reported previously.

The report adds: “While her grandmother (and legal co-guardian) Katherine has been very supportive of Paris’ ongoing relationship with Rowe, recently Paris has felt pressures outside the family. She signed with a manager and has been flooded with offers to work but hasn’t wanted to commit, says the first family source.”

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