Fox News Lashes Out at HBO Series as ‘Liberal Fantasy’

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A Fox News Channel show lambasted an HBO series as a "liberal fantasy," reports Deadline.com. The Fox News show “The Five” was reacting to a new trailer for the second season of the drama series "The Newsroom."

“The Five” co-host Greg Gutfeld reacted to how the program depicted the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street movement. "So Hollywood gets everything wrong again,” Gutfeld said. “If ‘Newsroom’ covered Roman Polanski’s crimes, they’d change the 13-year-old girl to 13-year-old Scotch.”

Last season, the drama series called the Tea Party the "American Taliban," the story notes.


  1. Hello Pot, meet Kettle.
    Hasn’t Fox News been living in a conservative fantasy since it’s inception? But with one very important difference. The HBO program IS a fantasy. It’s called fiction.
    I guess it is easy for them to forget that at Fox. The word fiction has been completely interchangable with fact when writing a story there.

  2. First of all, it is very well known Hollywood is pretty much entrenched in leftist philosophy – probably because they have to join at least one union to get work.
    The majority of people who don’t like Fox have never seen it. Maybe they don’t have cable or they believe the propaganda. Granted “The Five” is more right leaning, but they do have Bob Beckel to offer the wrong side of what they discuss 🙂
    They are fair, balanced, and unafraid. They go after stories everyone else ignores – like the murdering Pennsylvanian abortion doctor, the Marine locked up in a Mexican prison and many more things you should know to be well educated in our political process. You probably get your news from John Stewart. Must be tough while he’s out directing a movie. See how well rounded I am in knowing that? If you want to watch a Liberal Hatchet job, you should love MSNBC. I guess you should really love all the problems you think are not attributed to Obama and have no problem with his families’ tax paid $100 million dollar vacay to Africa this summer – probably to find his real birth certificate….
    On the other hand you may have written your views so the IRS or NSA won’t come after you.

  3. @ Tom. I do not watch Fox News. I have cable and sattelite. Every time I watch it, it has been anything but fair and balanced and clearly has a conservative/Republican agenda. Trying to say it is different means you have no sense or education, especially considering Roger Ailes makes no bones or apologies about it. Unfortunately, past and current hosts like Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly and Hannity have done more to divide this country than any politician could have.

  4. Tom,
    I’ve watched Fox News. They are neither fair nor balanced. And neither is MSNBC. They both pander to their base…just like the political parties they have attached themselves to. You don’t watch either network to learn anything new…just to confirm the positions you already have. If you want truly balanced reporting, watch PBS.
    That said, The Newsroom IS a fantasy…in that it takes place in a fictional news organization that tries to “speak truth to stupid” in a polarized world. Such a network under corporate ownership does not exist today. There are no more Murrows or Cronkites among us. Mainly because there’s no money in it. Yes, Jeff Daniels’ Will McAvoy, a self-described Republican, attacked the Tea Party in last season’s final episode…called them “The American Taliban” (and making a pretty compelling argument for that take)…but the trailers I’ve seen for season two hint that there will be consequences for that. But it’s easier for Fox News to bash Aaron Sorkin for being a liberal shill than to have an intelligent debate about the issues that Sorkin raises. The “Occupy Wall Street” episodes they refer to in Fox’s panel discussion haven’t even aired yet…they panned them based on two lines in a trailer. That’s not fair…nor balanced.

  5. FreeRightsUSSR…How ironic…Do you watch MSNBC? A study found that MSNBC was deemed to have 85% opinion and 15% actual news coverage. Fox was found to be the most balanced news organization available. The study was not funded by Fox News!! Any news organization that employs AL SHARPTEN (that paragon of honesty & truth) can be nothing but a joke. Have you been paying attention what has happened to your rights under the present Administration? If you watch MSNBC…you would be blissfully unaware. And that explains EVERYTHING.

  6. Just a note for Bill.
    Hey numb-nuts, don’t you even realize that the loss of rights stems primarily from the Patriot Act and corporate America writing the laws for the past 30 years? And by the way to you and Tom M, I don’t watch either Fow or MSNBC because they are both full-o-shit!

  7. Fox News is the number one most watched cable news network and has more viewers than the others combined. Juan Williams was asked at the Democrat Convention how he could sell his soul and work for the enemy, so to speak, he replied “Because they don’t censor me.” I would guess the viewers of Fox are much better informed voters and are more likely to vote. I know they are fair and balanced because I disagree with many of the opinions expressed, but they always allow opposing opinions. CNN used to be the most trusted news organization when Ted Turner owned it, but they are slowly disintegrating into oblivion.

  8. Part of the problem is that Fox News® allows it’s bias to determine what news stories they cover, how they cover them and how often they cover them. We’ve seen time and time again where they’ll give minimum coverage, compared to all other news organizations, to stories that make conservatives look bad.

  9. Who’s blissfully unaware? The NSA scandal is discussed ENDLESSLY on MSNBC.
    I see that Hannity was okay with NSA surveillance during the Bush administration, but now he’s appalled by the very same program under this president.
    Fair and balanced much?
    That’s a good example of the problems many of us have with Fox as a news organization.

  10. If more Fox viewers vote it’s because Fox viewers are older, and older people tend to vote more.
    Your first mistake is believing that other news organizations (save MSNBC) have political agendas. CNN’s problems have nothing to do with politics.
    And your contention that Fox viewers are better informed about general news stories? Not so much. There have been studies on that too.

  11. Actually, Tom, polls over the past few years have shown that Fox News viewers are the least informed on the facts. Fox is also rated the least-trusted news source year after year. MSNBC is close behind…ranking far lower in trust than NBC News itself.

  12. Please give us the url to the “polls” that you speak of. Of course you can’t, just another lib telling lies.

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