From the NCTA Cable Show: Rollout of TV Everywhere ‘remains spotty and confusing and is progressing slowly’

Jun 10, 2013  •  Post A Comment

TV Everywhere, "The cable initiative to stream any TV show, anytime, and anywhere remains spotty and confusing — and is progressing slowly — execs acknowledged in a panel on the subject [Monday, June 10, 2013] at the NCTA Cable Show in Washington, D.C.," reports our good friend David Lieberman at Deadline.com.

The story continues, "Thus far ‘it’s not a success,’ says Fox Networks’ Mike Biard. NBCUniversal’s Ron Lamprecht rated the progress at no more than a 5 out of 10. There’s no turning back, though. ‘We see our consumers expecting that our content be everywhere,’ Lamprecht says. ‘There really isn’t any other choice. We have to be there.’ "

 Here’s an example of the confusion, the article notes: "Consumers also will find different shows when they use a network’s app compared with a cable company’s, and whether they’re used in or outside the home. ‘In a TNT application within the home you’re accessing TV Everywhere, but in an Xfinity application it could be [just the cable company’s] VOD’ programming, says Turner Broadcasting’s Jeremy Legg. ‘Explain to a consumer why they can get TNT in the home but not out of the home.’ "

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