MSNBC Apologizes Over George Zimmerman Trial Coverage

Jun 25, 2013  •  Post A Comment

MSNBC offered an apology in connection with its live coverage of opening arguments in the George Zimmerman murder trial. Deadline.com reports that the cable channel apologized for airing live F-bombs during the coverage.

Zimmerman is being tried in connection with the death of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin.

The NBCUniversal cable network had vowed to go live "as news warrants," the story notes. No delay was in place when prosecutor John Guy began with a quote from Zimmerman, saying, "F—ing punks. These assholes always get away.”

Chuck Todd, host of MSNBC’s "The Daily Rundown," immediately apologized and said the network would use a delay going forward.


  1. As this trial is unfolding, I am apprehensive as to some of the decisions already. Not allowing certain criminating evidence to be admissable, and an all white female jury. I suspect that this case is being modified to ease the tension that is geared toward Zimmerman.
    Now with our Civil Rights being modified, no telling what the outcome will be. Let’s don’t forget that Jim Crow remain in vision and giving that anything may happen. I hope that his attorney is not successful in Zimmerman’s acquittal.
    If by chance he acquitted, how do you thing the citizens of that town would react.

  2. Oh Willie, they’ll riot of course…I’m sure YOU have no doubt who was doing the screaming in the audio not admitted into the trial. However, from my point of view, if 2 expert panels can’t agree then who can you believe??? Don’t go into this trial with your mind already made up. There may be a lot of stuff that comes out that we’ve not heard or read about.

  3. No one’s “Civil Rights” are being modified. You’ll still have the right to vote, to get benefits, and have a fair trial. I think what scares some people is an inability to manipulate the system to get the result they prefer, regardless of whether it is truly right.

  4. What do you mean, “Our civil rights”? Lol. No one has done anything to you.By the way,the prosecution picks witnesses too. Maybe if Trayvon Martin hadn’t attacked him he’d still be alive. That information came from witnesses appointed by the prosecution. Not the defense. So figure that one out.

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