Sarah Palin Returns to Fox News

Jun 13, 2013  •  Post A Comment

Sarah Palin is back in the fold at Fox News Channel. Six months after parting ways with the cable channel, the former governor of Alaska is set to return as a paid contributor, The Hollywood Reporter’s Live Feed reports.

Said Palin: “The power of Fox News is unparalleled. The role of Fox News in the important debates in our world is indispensable. I am pleased and proud to be rejoining Roger Ailes and the great people at Fox.”

Fox News boss Ailes said in a statement: “I’ve had several conversations with Governor Palin in the past few weeks about her rejoining Fox News as a contributor. I have great confidence in her and am pleased that she will once again add her commentary to our programming. I hope she continues to speak her mind.”

THR adds: “As a part of the new deal, Palin will be a contributor on both Fox News and Fox Business Network, starting her run on Monday, June 17, with an appearance on morning flagship ‘Fox & Friends.’”

The report notes that Ailes once told the AP: "I hired Sarah Palin because she was hot and got ratings."


Sarah Palin


  1. That is sad. Fox News was beginning to get serious attention as a legitimate news network. Now they have reinforced that they are just a noise maker for the right wing.

  2. Fox has ALWAYS been a legitimate new organization despite Lib talking points.
    They has CONTRIBUTORS on both sides of every issue they discuss. Palin voices a perspective that many Americans share; as does Kirsten Powers, Juan Williams, Shep Smith, etc… They are much more fair & balanced than anytoher news group.

  3. …..besides, FNC is the only news net keeping the unresolved Benghazi attack story alive. Other news nets are starting to fade on the IRS Intimidation and News Org Intimidation stories so it will again be up to Fox to hold the Government accountable.

  4. My husband watches FOX News every morning and at noon. I have yet to hear BOTH sides to their news reports – IF they have both sides represented, when the “other” side tries to speak their mind, the anchors loudly argue with them, cut them off and swing it back to the right. It’s disgusting to watch.
    Fair and balanced, my a**.

  5. But please tell me the last time you heard a to-the-right-of-Clinton viewpoint from ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, or CNN.

  6. My God, she’s endowed

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