Tonight Marks the End of the Line for an NBC Show After a Year and a Half

Jun 21, 2013  •  Post A Comment

Tonight’s episode of a prime-time NBC show will be its last, marking the end of an unspectacular year-and-a-half run. TVNewser reports that the final edition of "Rock Center with Brian Williams" will feature reports by Harry Smith, Kate Snow, Chelsea Clinton and Dr. Nancy Snyderman, along with the final installment of the "Rock Bottom" segment with Williams.

The newsmagazine was shuffled across time slots and multiple nights after its debut in late 2011, never quite finding a niche, the piece reports.

NBC said before its upfront presentation in May that it was canceling the show, and the network has been trimming the show’s staff since that time.


  1. Ratings-schmatings…This has been consistently a very good broadcast and NBC needs to keep it.
    Not every broadcast needs to be a mega money maker.
    Considering the hours and hours of worthless crap their so-called execs have forced the Peacock to present, this should be sustained and promoted.
    Many good things come out of 30 Rock throughout the year. This broadcast should be CONTINUED.
    Peter Bright

  2. People just couldn’t find it. NBC moved this show around so much, it was like they didn’t want it to succeed. I believe it aired on every night of the week at one point or another. Having it follow comedies on Thursday was a major mistake. I think it even went up against 60 Minutes for a while. And despite an A-list cast, at the end of the day, it was just another magazine show.
    I’m sorry, Mr. Bright. Network TV in today’s landscape does not have the patience to support prestige projects. If it doesn’t make money, it isn’t airing long. It’s a shame.
    I agree with the assessment of The Newsroom’s fictional anchor Will McAvoy. The FCC made a huge blunder when they awarded licenses to broadcasters. The stations had a mandate to air a few hours of news/public affairs programming every week as a condition of their licenses. But they failed to insist that those news programs air without commercials.
    As a result, news must make money.

  3. As I recall, one of the mandates from the FCC was that stations would act “in the public’s interest, necessity and concern”, among other things.
    Oh, make no mistake, I know the industry inside and out, but it is in a sad state of affairs today.
    For years Paley ran his beloved CBS with the news division operating at a loss. He felt duty bound, and made a pact with Ed Murrow, that the purpose of CBS News was to report the truth as objectively as possible. General Sarnoff had a similar emphasis at NBC. Both men understood the importance of free flowing information to the people in a democracy. Further, they knew the profits in the company could, and did, easily support news gathering and reporting.
    OK, the bean counters will argue it is a different world today…but is it really? Only when the so called execs say it is.
    When corporations anoint their CEO’s with 60 million dollar bonuses, trust me, priorities are not “in the public’s interest, necessity and concern”.
    Peter Bright

  4. But is the truth being reported as objectively as possible in broadcast news today? I search, but can’t find any reporting, updates etc… of the so-called scandals dogging the present administration. It’s just not there. When was the last time Sharyl Attkisson filed a report on CBS regarding Bengahzi? She was out in front of the story and she’s just disappeared. What gives?

  5. Bubbye! lol

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