Two TV Station Owners to Merge

Jun 7, 2013  •  Post A Comment

Two companies that own television stations have announced a merger that will create a company owning 30 stations. The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that Media General is merging with New Young Broadcasting Holding Co., a privately held company that owns 12 television stations.

Media General, which owns 18 TV stations, will keep its dual-class stock ownership structure, the story notes. The combined company will own stations reaching 14% of the U.S. TV market, with revenue of more than $600 million.

The new company will keep the Media General name and will remain headquartered in Richmond, Va.



  1. I like it real well but they can sell KRON directly to NBC without any bureaucratic red tape and combined the operations with KSTS to improve reception of NBC service in the Bay Area as a continuance of the NBC station being from KNTV NBC 11 Bay Area to KRON NBC 4 Bay Area and KRON being housed at NBC Bay Area division with KNTV being spunned off to either Hearst or a real local broadcaster with interest to keep it going plus with real benefits for both NBC finally wanting to own KRON and KNTV being spunned off and be a real San Jose orientiated station. I would’ve liked the idea of KRON and KNTV swapping assets such as equipment, tower, and call letters with Media General getting KNTV calls and it’s tower equipment on The San Bruno Mountain as a MYNET station targeting the San Jose area on channel 11 and NBC getting KRON calls and it’s tower equipment on the Sutro Tower as an NBC owned and operated station targeting the San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose areas on channel 4. Comcast/NBC has the ability for wanting NBC being transmitted on KRON’s RF channel 38 from the Sutro Tower while Media General can have KNTV being transmitted from it’s RF channel 12 from the San Bruno Mountain with the MYNET affiliation or turn into a pure independent station for the San Jose area by letting the MYNET affiliation go to KOFY 20. NBC would rather have it’s NBC O&O in the Bay Area on the UHF band like it’s O&O sisters in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas/Fort Worth, Washington DC, Miami, San Diego, and Connecticut. I would have liked the idea of Journal buying WLAJ with spuning off WSYM to a third party with combined operations in Lansing, Meredith buying WBAY and KELOLAND and Quincy buying KWQC as a way to help Young pay off it’s debts from it’s bankruptcy. I would favor Media General being able to grab WLGA from Harry Pappas and his Pappas Telecasting and formed a legal duopoly with WRBL.

  2. It’s its, not it’s…

  3. wlaj should get new owenership this stinks no abc tv for lansing if the can not
    run a tv station get a new owener dan

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