Video: Check This Out — New Direction for Apple Ads

Jun 13, 2013  •  Post A Comment

"Apple Inc. and TBWA\Chiat\Day, the ad agency behind the company’s most memorable advertisements, are embarking on a new campaign designed to revive interest in an aging product line and cement the iPhone maker’s bond with consumers, people with knowledge of the plan said," Bloomberg reports.

The story continues: "After years of product-oriented ads that have failed to stem market-share losses to devices built on Google’s Android software, the campaign will emphasize the quality and reliability of Apple’s ecosystem of products, apps and content."

Here are two of the new ads:


  1. Looked at both ads and can’t say I was impressed. I doubt if they will influence anyone to buy an Apple product. They seem to forget that the main reason people by Apple products is, as Steve Jobs so elegantly said, “They just work”. Apple needs to go back to the idea bin and come up with ads that show why people have been buying millions and millions of Apple products, They just work”.

  2. The Bloomberg piece sounds awfully cranky. Maybe because nobody would speak on the record
    Here’s a very different perspective on the new ad (singular) which really introduces the design-focused tag line:

  3. “After years of product-oriented ads that have failed to stem market-share losses…”
    “Failed to stem market-share losses”?
    And yet, somehow, Apple managed to achieve Number 1 consumer ratings and out-profit everyone else in Consumer Electronics.
    Yeah, right. Everyone in business should have such “market-shate losses”.

  4. What if I don’t know how I feel?

  5. I like the ads and totally get what they are trying to do. BUT WHO DECIDED TO DROP THE APPLE LOGO?????? Crazy!

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