Well-Known TV Spokesman Dumped by His Company — You’ve Heard His Catchphrase Countless Times

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A TV pitchman who is a familiar face after decades of appearances in commercials has been dumped by his company. George A. Zimmer, who started Men’s Wearhouse in 1973 and was known for decades as the face of the company, has parted ways with the company, reports The New York Times.

A disagreement between the company’s board and Zimmer appeared to be the catalyst for the move, but it wasn’t exactly clear what the disagreement is about, the story adds.

Zimmer appeared for three decades in the company’s commercials, telling viewers, "You’re going to like the way you look. I guarantee it.”

Some analysts speculated that the dismissal might be over Men’s Wearhouse’s efforts to attract younger customers, which could have been held back by Zimmer’s advertising presence, the story notes.

"They continually rework it, adjusting how much presence do we have on George. Does he stand? Does he sit? But it’s always all about George Zimmer — his voice, his physical presence,” said Richard Jaffe, an analyst with Stifel Nicolaus. “An old guy with a gray beard may not provide credibility to the product in the eyes of a 22- or 24-year-old.”


George A. Zimmer

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