‘Glee’ Moving Ahead Without Cory Monteith

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"Glee" is moving forward without star Cory Monteith, who was found dead Saturday from a drug overdose in a Vancouver hotel room, reports TMZ.com.

The show isn’t canceled and its writers called an emergency meeting to figure out how to work his character out of the story, the piece notes.

The producers are looking at shows such as "8 Simple Rules" and "The West Wing," which also lost actors due to death. In the case of "8 Simple Rules," which lost star John Ritter due to an undiagnosed aortic dissection, the ABC comedy took a two-month break and returned with a "goodbye" episode. It also added James Garner and David Spade to fill out the cast.

TMZ cites a source close to the production saying: “’Glee’ is definitely not canceled. If you look at the dollars and cents of the show and that it was very much an ensemble with new kids being added last year when some graduated — it’s clear that the show wasn’t about one character."

The source adds: "No decision has been reached about a script yet, as it’s still early."

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Cory Monteith


  1. In other words… sorry you died Cory, but we have to keep the “Glee” money machine moving. I understand. That’s showbiz. At least they’re not pulling the Darren Stevens switcheroo.

  2. I think that’s unfair. There are literally hundreds of people who feed their families due to this show being produced from the young co-stars to the most junior production assistant. I cannot imagine any one – actor, writer, producer, dog catcher – wanting the people he worked with, his friends and acquaintances, harmed by his passing. I’m a key player in the business I work for. My colleagues regularly observe that we probably would go under if I left. I sure hope they’re wrong. Someday I’m going to be gone – one way or the other – but I can tell you one thing, when I go, I want the impact on the business and my co-workers (and friends) to be a minimal as possible.

  3. 1. “At least they’re not pulling the Darren Stevens switcheroo.”
    The actor who played the first “Darren” on Bewitched, Dick York, didn’t die. He left the series because he hurt his back on a movie shoot and his pain was causing serious delays in the productin schedule
    2. “That’s showbiz.”
    What? When Cory Monteith dies, you shut down “The Cory Monteith Show,” not “Glee.” (See “ensemble”)
    Back to work:

  4. Prompter Bob – Cory was not the lead actor on the show anymore, or even the top supporting actor (did you even watch the show?). He had already faded to the back of the group, and a storyline was already in motion that could easily write him out. To insinuate that the backers of Glee are even remotely insensitive to his death and are only moving forward because of the “money machine” is way out of line. You don’t shut down a show because one actor of many died.
    bUU was right on.

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