James Spader Reveals Why He Took Role on NBC’s ‘The Office’ — and It’s a Familiar Reason

Jul 29, 2013  •  Post A Comment

Actor James Spader said at the Television Critics Association press tour that he took the role as Robert California on "The Office" for the money, reports Deadline.com.

Spader said he was offered the role after appearing as a one-off in the show’s seventh-season finale. He viewed it as a way to make money to help finance his work on "Lincoln," the story notes.

"I had a ball doing that one episode … and two things happened,” Spader said. “I was offered ‘Lincoln’ — a film everybody was doing [long pause] for very little money, and yet the commitment was going to be eight months in advance. And I had just finished doing a play in New York and [needed] to make some money” — a job “that actually paid my bills, and lo and behold they aired [‘The Office’ season-seven] finale and people responded to the finale, and [the producers] called and said, ‘We’d love to have you back in any capacity you’re willing.’"

Spader said he agreed to return as long as they let him out to work on "Lincoln."

"So in a sense I never felt like I was more than a visitor there. I was fine with that," he said.


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