‘Legend of Korra’ Adds Voices From ‘Parks and Recreation,’ ‘House’

Jul 11, 2013  •  Post A Comment

The animated Nickelodeon series "The Legend of Korra" has added several well-known voices to the cast for the second half of its first season, including Aubrey Plaza of "Parks and Recreation" and Lisa Edelstein of "House," reports EW.com’s Inside TV.

Plaza will play Eska, a Waterbending cousin of Korra’s, while her twin brother, Desna, will be voiced by Aaron Himelstein of "Joan of Arcadia." James Remar of "Dexter" will take on the role of Tonraq, Korra’s father, while Edelstein will voice Kya, Tenzin’s sister.

"Book 2," the second part of the show’s first season, starts six months after Book 1 ended, when Korra won out over the villainous Amon and his Equalists. Book 2 will consist of 14 episodes and is set to debut later this year.

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