Scotland Yard Tracking Down Secret Rupert Murdoch Tape

Jul 8, 2013  •  Post A Comment

Scotland Yard is on the case of a secret recording of News Corp. mogul Rupert Murdoch. The U.K. newspaper The Guardian reports that Scotland Yard detectives are hunting for the tape, which reportedly captures Murdoch admitting to Sun journalists that payments to public officials were part of "the culture of Fleet Street."

British authorities have made a formal request to Exaro News, which broke the story, to provide the undercover recording, the story says.

"DCI Laurence Smith told Exaro News that the police would seek a production order compelling it to disclose the recording if it did not do so voluntarily. It is understood the police have also approached Channel 4, which aired a small part of the recordings," the story reports.

The piece adds: "The development is the clearest indication yet that police in London are ready to examine Murdoch’s private disclosures since the tapes emerged on Wednesday night."


  1. After they find that tape, they need to look for the tape of Murdoch and George HW Bush striking a deal to fast track his US citizenship so he could own an American news outlet.
    Then they need to find the tapes of how he convinced him to eliminate the rules of media ownership and their limits. It was what kept Americans of all stripes properly informed and able to think for themselves. Instead of the cluster f*ck of ignorance we have now from both sides.

  2. Tim – George Bush the first was president from ’89 to ’93 and Murdoch became a naturalized US Citizen after 11 years living here in ’86. Bush was VP at the time but I don’t think anyone would call 11 years the fast track. If you wanted to slow it down even more perhaps Obama’s IRS rather than ICE could have “investigated” it for a few more years! But alas, those were the good old days before the Obama socialist takeover.

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