So How Did ‘Sharknado’ Perform in the Ratings? And More to the Point: How Did ‘Sharknado’ Affect the Rankings of ‘Syfy’s Most Awesomely Bad Horror Movie Titles’? Here’s the New Top 10

Jul 15, 2013  •  Post A Comment

Syfy garnered a lot of attention for "Sharknado," but the drama pulled in a relatively small audience given the amount of social-media attention the movie drew, reports EW.com’s Inside TV.

The original movie drew 1.4 million viewers on Thursday night, well below the turnout for a number of similarly themed Syfy movies in recent years, such as 2010’s "Sharktopus," which was watched by 2.5 million viewers, and 2011’s "Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid," which brought in 2.4 million viewers.

"Sharknado" drew younger viewers, however, with its 18-49 performance up 29% from the network’s movie average this year. As previously reported, Syfy responded to a rising tide of celebrity-filled social-media buzz about "Sharknado" by announcing plans for a repeat airing and beginning the conversation about a possible sequel.

Meanwhile, EW.com was inspired by "Sharknado" to update its list of "Syfy’s 17 most awesomely bad horror movie titles," with "Sharknado" vaulting to the top spot on the list.

Other entries include: "Sharktopus," at No. 2; "Piranhaconda," No. 3; "Mansquito," No. 4; and "Never Cry Werewolf" at No. 5.

Rounding out the Top 10: No. 6 — "Mongolian Death Worm"; No. 7 — "Kaw" (apparently inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s "The Birds"); No. 8 — "Jersey Shore Shark Attack"; No. 9 — "Monster Ark"; No. 10 — "Ice Spiders."

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